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LeverMind 001 Greater Context & Counter-Propaganda

00:00.0 [START] 00:00.0 [AUDIO: Saint-Saëns "The Carnival of the Animals - VII. Aquarium (Clip)"] 00:00.0 [VIDEO: Blue Velvet (1986) opening scene] 00:03.5 We've all shared the common dream of liberty. 00:07.5 We've all seen this "New Normal". 00:11.7 Yet - few of us have greater contextual understanding 00:16.0 to see the ramifications of our roles in society, 00:19.7 our blind faith in authority, 00:22.5 and the inevitable further collapse 00:22.0 [AUDIO: Asura "Atlantis Child (Edit Mix)" (2010)] 00:25.5 into a more savage nightmare.

00:29.2 Why are we all so desperate to belong? 00:31.7 So easily swayed by tidal conformity traps? 00:36.0 Humanity is falling into unfathomable chaos, 00:39.0 feeling unmoored, adrift, drowning in oceans of uncertainty. 00:44.5 Why? 00:49.0 Why can't we see how we got here, in order to change course? 00:54.0 Why aren't we curious? 00:57.4 Propaganda.

00:57.4 [VIDEO: 9/11 plane impact] 01:00.5 Corporations and governments push narratives for us to believe. 01:05.5 This is mind control. 01:06.8 [AUDIO: WOO CUE] 01:08.5 If you know it's propaganda, you're not the target. 01:11.5 If you do not know...

01:13.4 [VIDEO: COVID + globe + lockdown + skull + tyranny hands] 01:19.8 The ruling class has unleashed fear, misinformation, and perpetual class war, since the dawn of time. 01:28.5 But, now we're blitzed by agendas of globalists 01:32.5 with their monopoly on violence 01:35.0 for full-spectrum dominance.

01:39.0 Corporatocracy hegemonies manipulate, coerce, decieve, exploit, and exterminate the masses 01:45.2 for ever greater control 01:46.7 and ever more power. 01:49.7 Skepticism of authority is crushed out of most of the masses oppressed by the corrupt matrix of rigged systems. 01:56.5 But how?

01:58.1 [AUDIO: CUE BEATS] 01:58.1 Weapons of mass distraction, 02:01.1 social division, 02:03.0 and - cultural engineering, 02:06.2 wielded by the corporatocracy, shape our values and thoughts, 02:11.0 training masses to be unskeptical, infantile, 02:14.2 and addicted to parental authorities for all things.

02:17.4 Corporate media will never teach or share pragmatic concepts of liberty, 02:23.0 authentic resistance to tyranny, 02:25.4 organizing, 02:26.2 independence, 02:27.0 self-reliance, 02:27.8 healthly lifestyles and well-being, 02:30.2 fairness, 02:31.0 cooperation, 02:31.8 voluntaryism, 02:33.4 or other fundamentals to help people help themselves.

02:36.5 [AUDIO: OOOO] 02:36.5 The entertainment industry always reinforces the concept of "authority" with perpetual programming of 02:43.0 police, 02:43.8 politics, 02:44.6 "justice", 02:45.4 secret agencies, 02:46.2 war, 02:47.0 and what you're required to consider "news". 02:49.4 Even when cops are clowns or billionaires are corrupt.

02:53.4 [AUDIO: WAH] 02:54.2 [AUDIO: LIAR] 02:55.8 Abuses are rarely punished, 02:58.2 their rights and power are never questioned. 03:01.4 We are simply trained to have faith in the system 03:04.6 or despair that it can never be changed 03:07.0 and surrender to the mafia governance of 03:09.4 war criminals, industrial thieves, and 03:11.8 professional liars.

03:13.4 [AUDIO: LIAR] 03:15.0 [AUDIO: CUE Distortion + No Beats] 03:16.6 Legacy media and the technocracy, forbid us the freedom to analyse interests and networks, above exploitative international corporations, and the universally rigged mafia governments of our world. 03:31.0 We're not permitted to comprehend the full-spectrum dominance

03:34.2 [AUDIO: CUE] 03:35.8 or understand how all events, problems, crises, situations, and systems have been completely engineered to always favour the ruling class. 03:45.4 We're only allowed to be distracted, decieved, and divided. 03:50.2 But what is full-spectrum dominance?

03:53.4 [AUDIO: CUE Distortion + Breaks] 03:53.4 It is the supremacist state of superior control over all dimensions of the battlespaces, 03:59.8 dominating all resources, including land, air, sea, subterranean, outer-space, electro-magnetics, 04:06.2 and psychological, political, cultural, biological, information, and cyber-warfare,

04:12.6 [AUDIO: CUE Distortion + Breaks + Build] 04:12.6 all to completely deny freedom, and constrain opposition forces.

[ - Obvious in Western imperialist doctrines and overmatch policies, originally a military term, it's now metaphorically used to describe a comprehensive tactical effort to support a strategy for guaranteed results - including geostrategy, network-centric, and psychological warfare. ] [ - puppet actors + media magicians + glowie eyes ]

04:19.0 The deep state's shadow government, of 04:22.2 NGOs, think tanks, secret agencies, and back room deals 04:25.4 have their puppet actors and media magicians manipulate 04:28.6 naive voters into believing they have authentic _choice_.

04:31.8 [AUDIO: CUE Distortion + Wind] 04:32.4 In a world with 40 kinds of cereal 04:35.0 and hundreds of TV channels to choose from, 04:38.0 the lesser of two evils duopoly, is almost not a _choice_. 04:42.0 Never mind how they perpetually rig (s)elections in over 50 ways 04:46.2 or that the issues of the majority are never ever meaningfully addressed.

04:51.0 [AUDIO: CUE Distortion Fade + Bittersweet + Wind] 04:51.0 Just one of countless examples, political theater makes us think we have a say - 04:55.8 and to prevent us fighting illegitimate systems rigged to oppress and exploit. 05:00.7 So-called leaders say whatever's needed to steer, control, demonize, and compel nations to wage their wars on innocents.

05:07.1 Not simply a conspiracy theory, [ - a weaponized term for corruption analyst and speculator - coincidences conveniently rigged ] 05:10.4 [AUDIO: WOO CUE Bittersweet + Light] 05:11.9 this is the fundamental Machiavellianism of all governments, as organized crime.

[ - Deep-state, spy-craft, political, conspiracy analysis glossary. ]

05:18.1 Nefarious secret agencies manifest and cover-up unspeakable attrosities that rarely reach the public. 05:24.6 They covertly surveil and spy on everything, 05:27.8 manufacture and steer consent of their debt slaves, 05:29.4 [AUDIO: CUE Bittersweet + Light] 05:31.0 cultivate civil divisions and culture wars, weaponize our language, 05:35.8 experiment with psychological operations on unwilling victims and unwitting audiences, 05:42.2 and they cloak our real history in their self-serving false narratives.

05:46.1 [AUDIO: LIAR] 05:48.6 [AUDIO: CUE Dark Beats] 05:48.6 Fifth-generation warfare is non-kinetic action - 05:51.8 political, economic, and technological violence 05:55.0 more devastating than a conventional war. 05:58.1 Omnipresent social engineering, cyberattacks, psy-ops, gaslighting, propaganda, misinformation, and perception warfare.

[ - First-generation warfare refers to battles fought with massed manpower, using phalanx, line, and column tactics with orderly uniformed state soldiers, becoming impractical with heavy casualties from rifled muskets.

- Second-generation warfare employs early-modern tactics with weapons and smaller units of men maneuvering separately for faster advances, less concentrated casualties, and the ability to use cover and concealment to advantage. This resulted in the rise of trench warfare, artillery support, more advanced reconnaissance techniques, extensive use of camouflage uniforms, radio communications, and fireteam maneuvers.

- Third-generation warfare focuses on late-modern technology-derived tactics of leveraging speed, stealth and surprise to bypass the enemy's lines and collapse their forces from the rear. This ended tactical linear warfare with units seeking to outmaneuver each other to gain the greatest advantage rather than simply to meet each other face to face.

- Fourth-generation warfare (4GW) is conflict characterized by a "post-modern" return to decentralized forms of warfare, blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians. Elements include: non-state actors, terrorism, mercenaries, insurgencies, guerrilla tactics, uprisings, attacking enemy's core ideals, psy-ops, psy-war, lawfare, low-intensity conflict, lack of hierarchy, long term, and small size with spread out networks.

- Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) is non-kinetic action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, autonomous and A.I. systems, conducting political, economic, and technological violence more devastating than a conventional war. The omnipresent propaganda, information, and perception warfare aims to accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives, without measurable damage that the target can identify. Importantly in 5GW the target may not even know it has been attacked, and thus the target has already lost that battle. ]

06:05.4 [AUDIO: LIAR] 06:07.8 [AUDIO: CUE Dark Beats] 06:07.8 It's conducted for strategic, operational, and tactical objectives, 06:11.0 without measurable damage that the target can identify. 06:14.2 06:15.0 Importantly in 5GW - 06:17.4 the target may not even know it has been attacked, 06:20.5 and thus the target has already lost that battle. 06:23.7 This is how depopulation agendas work.

[ - Historical psy-ops ]

06:27.0 [AUDIO: OOOO Spooky Beats] 06:28.6 [AUDIO: BEEP] 06:31.8 The bankster media cyber military industrial academic complex dominates our economics, energy, and environment. 06:32.7 [AUDIO: BEEP] 06:38.2 Their Great Reset calls for attacks on food, energy, shipping, and communications - while creating critical conflicts, problems, and fear.

06:46.0 [AUDIO: OOOO Spooky Beats]

06:47.8 Though never widely shared with the masses, 06:49.4 the ruling class is surprisingly open with their evil plans and attrocity agendas. 06:55.8 Their psychotic selfish lust for power is unsatiable 06:59:0 and the decades ahead will get worse. 07:02.2 Much, 07:03.0 much 07:03.8 worse. 07:05.3 [AUDIO: MIX CUE] 07:05.3 [AUDIO: Chicane "Saltwater (Edit Mix)" (199-) 07:06.5 Yet, despite never ending adversity, bad news, fear porn, deception, exploitation, oppression, tyranny, and war - there is always hope. 07:08.0 [AUDIO: MUD] 07:12.5 [AUDIO: UNMUD] 07:15.0 [AUDIO: CLEAR] 07:18.7 The more the so-called elites squeeze humanity, 07:22.4 the more we shall resist their tyranny. 07:25.5 They are far from infalable, 07:27.5 and we will never be defeated. 07:29.7 Not much of value comes easily in life, 07:32.5 such as cultivating meaning, purpose, 07:35.2 fulfillment, wellbeing, and joy. 07:37.0 So muster the courage to protect and defend your rights and freedoms. 07:42.5 We must resist tyranny as hard, as long, and as much as possible, 07:48.0 in every way you can, 07:49.8 with everyone who earns your trust. 07:51.7 Fortify the ability to communicate, freely and openly. 07:55.3 Join flexible networks, 07:57.2 build resilient communities, 07:59.0 decentralize everything you can, 08:00.9 critically seek the truth, and always skeptically analyze. 08:05.0 [AUDIO: OPEN MY EYES] 08:08.2 We all must root out the problems, 08:10.0 raise the questions, 08:11.9 find the answers, 08:13.7 develop the solutions, 08:15.5 share the alternatives, 08:17.4 strategize, and organize. 08:19.6 [AUDIO: OPEN MY EYES] 08:22.8 Reduce your enslavement to and dependence on establishment systems. 08:28.3 Legions are already doing it themselves, self-reliant, free of the status quo. 08:33.8 Survive to thrive. 08:35.6 Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

09:11.4 [END]

- geopolitical - transnational

- local to global

- people need to preload history to understand

- FOTPACH authority. - For they are few and we are many. - Machiavelli