2023-01-29 Do No Harm, Fighting To Restore Truth In Medicine, Windsor, Ontario

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Do No Harm - email flyer.
Speakers during question period.
Question period after the speaker presentations.
Michael Alexander in person, after the question period.

The Do No Harm, Fighting To Restore Truth In Medicine event was hosted at the Hellenic Cultural Centre, Windsor, Ontario on Sunday, January 29, 2023, starting at 3pm.

Speaker presentations were recorded (below), followed by audience led question period (not recorded).

The topics included vaccine skepticism, medical tyranny, corrupt healthcare, the Hippocratic oath, and much much more.

Video mirrors

The Do No Harm 1080p video is 2h 32m 58s.

  • on BitChute (1080p x265 upload)
  • on Odysee (1080p x265 upload)
    • also on LBRY: lbry://Do_No_Harm,_Fighting_To_Restore_Truth_In_Medicine
  • on Rumble (1080p x265 upload)
  • on Down The Memory Hole (1080p x265 upload)
  • on Down The Memory Hole (360p YouTube scrape)
  • on YouTube, censored in 2 hours.
  • Torrent the video files easily found under the same title via 100+ trackers.
    1. original file 22.7gb
    2. compressed to 2.6gb with x264
    3. compressed to 1gb with x265
  • Feel free to ask Jason for a copy via a thumbdrive.

Video Details

  • The event audio was as muddy in person as it sounds on this video.
  • I regret the horizon was not level and I could have moved the camera closer to the stage. Live and learn.
  • Recorded with a Moto G Play 2021 by Jason Carswell. Contact MJasonCarswell@Gmail.com
  • Public domain, Copyleft, Creative Commons, free to use and share as you see fit.


May soon be filled in.

Please watch, make notes, and email them to me to include and share.

If you're really ambitious, feel free to transcribe it for closed captions.

0:07:20 Start
0:08:00 First ticket purchase prize to Heika
0:09:30 About...


Flyer text


Fighting to restore truth in medicine.

Speaker presentations followed
by audience led question period

Meeting & photo opportunities
available afterward

Tickets on sale now at

Saturday, Jan. 28 | 12pm-4pm
St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre, Oakville, ON

Sunday, Jan. 29 | 3pm-7pm
Hellenic Cultural Centre, Windsor, ON

Flyer source

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