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Protect Freedom! logo v1A.
Dimension ratio 3:1.
Would fit on a 12'x4' banner.
Protect Children! logo v1A.
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In addition to printing business cards, flyers, postcards, and curating a welcome page, we may develop and print some banners.

A banner with a good design can work on 6 levels:

  1. Graphically grab your attention!!!
  2. Reusable for as many events as possible.
  3. Large text: Bold positive statement of who we are and/or what's going on.
  4. Medium text: Sub-statement(s) providing more details.
  5. Small text: Info, statements, and questions to make folks think.
  6. Medium text: Contacts, information, networks, and online resources.

All wording should be as clear, concise, effective, and efficient as possible.

Medium text (including contact info) should easily be readable and photographable.

The bold stripe design may be utilized to segment information within it.

Ideally the entire layout should be balanced, the small text should not detract from the large statement, and it should all work harmoniously from near or far.

We may discuss the proposed text below, improve it, and/or come up with other ideas to convey. Depending on the banner's graphic design layout, it may or may not be possible to include this much information and more, so we'd have to prioritize what is important and what is optional.

Proposed text:
Windsor & Essex County Protects Freedom!
The ruling class is intensifying their perpetual global war on humanity!
Learn about and protect yourself against fifth generation warfare!
The battleground is your mind - and they don't care about you and yours.
You are the target if you cannot see the propaganda. If you can see the propaganda, you are not the target.
All bankster-owned governments depend on Machiavellian deception, unaccountability, secrecy, and a mafia monopoly on violence in pursuit of full spectrum dominance.
All Canadian corporate media is funded by the liar government.
All Canadian governments have been captured by globalist exploiters.
Bill Gates believes the world is overpopulated and can't even keep Windows virus free - so what's he really up to?
Corporate media lies perpetually. Governments lie perpetually. How many lies are acceptable? Why would you ever believe them?
Obedient perpetually sick slaves still serve the ruling class - until they die, but never organize resistance.
The worst crash in history is upon us. Are you prepared?
Unaccountable governments and corporations are getting away with murder.
We must prepare for the worst, hope for the best, resist tyranny as hard, as long, and as much as possible, to survive, thrive, and strive for greater awareness and compassion.
Critical issues the corporate media won't even discuss or tell the truth about:
15 minute cities (ghettos), actual environmental pollution, Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 / UN Sustainable Development Goals, artificial intelligence threats, banksters, carbon tax scam, CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) to control your spending, climate change hysteria, depopulation agenda, ESG (environment social governance) corporate scores for social manipulation, false flags, limited hangouts, many accountability crises, many economic crises, many energy crises, many food crises, pedophocracy, perpetual sick-care, perpetual surveillance, perpetual wars, sexualizing children, weather manipulation.
and other topics on the Recommended reference page that is a data-dump needing organizing.
More critical than all the problems is finding and sharing alternatives, resources, and solutions while taking action in community networks for freedom, health, and preparing for future stability.
Contacts, information, networks, and online resources:


From their site: VistaPrint.ca/signs-posters/mesh-banners

Stand up to the elements with mesh banners.

  • Fade-resistant, full-colour printing
  • Grommets & reinforced edges included
  • Mesh weave minimizes wind
  • Water- & UV-resistant
  • 15 size options
    • 1.7'x3'
    • 2.5'x4'
    • 2.5'x6'
    • 2.5'x8'
    • 2.5'x10'
    • 2.5'x12'
    • 4'x4'
    • 4'x6'
    • 4'x8'
    • 4'x10'
    • 4'x12' ($202, $189 each for 2, $185 each for 3, $183 each for 4)
    • 6'x10'
    • 6'x12' ($302, $283 each for 2, $278 each for 3, $274 each for 4)
    • 8'x10'
    • 8'x12'

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