2023-03-18 Trudeau's Bag Man

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Justin Trudeau and a bag of Skittles - editorial cartoon.
Work in progress. This page will be updated.

Trudeau's Bag Man is a short video project shot during the afternoon at Devonshire Mall, on Saturday, March 18, 2023. Starting at 1:30pm, time commitment approximately 1 hour.

We'd like up to half dozen participants for a anti Trudeau video comedy spoof.

Plot and script will be explained on site.

Everyone's lines and shots will all be very brief (approximately 5 seconds per segment).

Camera owner-operators welcome to collaborate.

This is an open-source 100% voluntary not-for-profit project.

This wiki page is for project development and production, detailing shoot plans and volunteer recruitment. Another promotional Trudeau's Bag Man wiki page will provide central information about the final short film.

Shooting style

This video shoot does not have permits nor permission, so we don't know what to expect. If necessary we can relocate to other malls and locations (restaurants, washrooms, sidewalk, parks, etc).

We will practice choreography, run lines, and rehearse before we shoot guerilla style - all handheld, with minimal equipment.

Story concept

In the mall setting a man seems clumsy, bumping into people, knocking things over, causing chaos, etc.

It soon becomes apparent that the man wields a blind person's cane.

Eventually we finally see the man's head... is covered by a paper bag.

Finally we read the front of the bag, "I'm so embarrassed I voted for Trudeau..."

(Alternative? : "I'm so embarrassed I fell for Trudeau's fear mongering about COVID-19.")


Work in progress. This page will be updated.

Please feel free to suggest more gags to shoot.

  • Bag man bumps other shoppers.
  • Bag man knocks over things.
  • Bag man says "sorry ma'am" to box.
  • Bag man on swing set.
  • Bag man's cane connects with man's groin.
  • Bag man can't grab dog-fetched stick.
  • Bag man "shielding eyes from sun" looking at river vista.
  • Bag man shouting at fast food drive through.
  • Bag man in argument over fender bender.
  • Bag man missing urinal.
  • Bag man fails eating burger.


Cast, crew, and gear


Work in progress. This page will be updated.
☑ Winton : Bag Man
☑ Bruno D :
☑ Bruno R :
☑ Heika :
☑ John J :
☐ ...


Work in progress. This page will be updated.
☑ Winton : choreographer
☑ Jason : camera operator
☑ Jason : editor
☑ Jason : sound engineer
☐ audio gear operators
☐ more camera operators
☐ ...


Work in progress. This page will be updated.
☑ Jason : phone
☐ audio gear
☐ more cameras
☐ ...

Other notes

Work in progress. This page will be updated.

There are currently no other notes.