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Global freedom projects

Global freedom projects go here.

Global freedom projects potential

Global freedom projects should relate to freedom movements and resistance to tyranny at all scales:

Local, Regional, State/Provincial, National, Global


More global freedom actions projects coming soon...


More global freedom alternatives projects coming soon...

Freedom-Music projects

  • All efforts at all scales help inspire freedom-fighters to resist tyranny:
    Local, Regional, State/Provincial, National, Global
    • Plan NOW!!! for spring, summer, fall, and even winter events (indoors / Down Under)
    • Single, repeat, and/or touring events
    • With or without non-music presentation (ie. comedy, lectures, skits, speeches, etc.)
  • Freedom music festivals - music-only lineups
  • Freedom music for freedom rallies - mixed rallies-with-music (organizers determine music to presentation ratios)
  • Freedom flashmobs
    • Freedom music-only flashmobs
    • Freedom music-and-performance flashmobs
    • Freedom performance-only flashmobs
      1. Make videos to instruct your flashmob.
      2. Include event date, location parameters, with more revealed last minute at a specific time.
      3. Announce the location.
      4. Share videos of the results.
  • Online freedom music videos
    • Online freedom music-only videos
    • Online freedom music-and-performance videos
    • Online freedom performance-only videos
    • Organize challenges, collaborations, competitions, contests, genre festivals, playlists, specific festivals (ie. comedy/serious, educational, topical), etc.
    • Rewrite pop-music lyrics, perform covers, mashups, remixes, use samples, etc.
    • Write and/or perform original lyrics and/or music
  • Windsor freedom music projects
    • Example projects, including how to plan pragmatically while dreaming big, starting small, and growing organically, within limited means.


More global freedom ideas projects coming soon...


More global freedom media projects coming soon...


More global freedom organizing projects coming soon...


More global freedom resistance projects coming soon...


More global freedom resistance projects coming soon...


More global freedom resistance projects coming soon...


More global freedom solutions projects coming soon...

Projex.Wiki lists of projects

The Projex.Wiki lists of projects relate only to projects with wiki pages.