Windsor 'Emergency' 2022, The Untold Story

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Not to be confused with the legal compilation of Windsor Blockade Affidavits.
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Windsor 'Emergency' 2022, The Untold Story is a non-fiction history book and Projex Books wiki-project compiling a crowd-sourced open-source collection of individuals' testimonies into documented people-up perspectives on events including and surrounding the February 2022 trucker convoy "blockade" of the Ambassador Bridge aiming to resist medical tyranny and surveillance in a fight to maintain fundamental freedoms.

These stories are non-legal expressions in this historical and creative online book project. See the adjacent Windsor Blockade Affidavits project for the legal documents, witness testimonies, and media evidence presented in court related to the "Great Canadian 'Emergency' Of February 2022".

This book project's full title is Windsor 'Emergency' 2022, The Untold Story - The People's Accounts Of The Ambassador Bridge Trucker Convoy 'Blockade' For Freedoms, February 2022. Feel free to suggest improvements to the short and long titles.

Projex Books

For this Projex Books effort to be successful people may contribute testimonies to share here on Projex.Wiki. Freely log in to create your chapter on a new wiki page or present it to someone who will get it done for you.

This wiki is an evolving living document with updates applied over through time, while keeping records of changes contributed, preserved in an open archive of older versions.

In time with enough participation and content we may compile this content into collections to share beyond this wiki as zip files, ebooks, printable books, etc.

Photo by Todd Morneau.


Feedback encouraged

In these early stages, feel free to suggest how we may manage this project with feedback, constructive criticism, and improvements.


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Sequential order

Chapters may be listed by individuals' first or last names, unless better ideas are presented.

Caution and fair warning

This section requires further expansion and clarification.

Self-incrimination? Legal traps? How can the judicial system or government screw us and individuals with these affidavits?

Who are the lawyers working for us? Can we have external lawyers double check their work and comment on it?

Conspiracy? Will we all be covertly wiped out in 2 to 5 years? Far too many witnesses of the John F. Kennedy assassination were dead after a short time. We are all witnesses that the government and media are liars.

How many countless ways can the-powers-that-should-not-be fuck with our lives in matters great and small?

How much can it get?

How much worse will it get if we don't do anything to resist tyranny?

Where will you/we find the courage?

Will you take a stand?

Writing assistance

The most important and difficult part is starting. Any start will suffice and can be improved and built upon.

Feel free to ask for assistance in developing your chapter.

You may seek a co-writer or co-writing team to help find and finesse your intentions, emotions, expressions, words, and creative voice.

You may create audio or video recordings to transcribe as a base and build on. Be casual or formal as you like in conversations, interviews, or whatever format works for you.

We must all try to keep a cautious eye on each other's content. Lawyers will be asked to check over all content for potential issues.

Truth is paramount.


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Windsor 'Emergency' 2022: Foreword

Windsor 'Emergency' 2022: Preface

Windsor 'Emergency' 2022: Introduction

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Windsor 'Emergency' 2022: Conclusion