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This car accident happened on the evening of 2022-02-23 near the corner of Pillette Road and Wyandotte Street in Pillette Village, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

We were in a meeting in the Green Room. Rob must have noticed the lights. He came in and said they'd roped off the entire block in police tape. We thought he was joking, implying we were all cornered. There was a terribly rear ended car in the middle of the road, a bus, a bunch of fire trucks and police cars - and a pickup truck lodged halfway in the wall of the Shopper's Drug Mart. It's like the "plane" that smashed into the Pentagon - before it collapsed - but with a pickup truck in the middle.

So, another crazy story... Yesterday someone drove a vehicle into the front of a flag store that was selling all the Canadian flags and stuff to the trucker blockade folks. Seems like a coincidence. I joked that the vehicle got the wrong address and hit the Shoppers across the street from the Green Room.

I don't know if you heard, apparently according to rumour, it's illegal to have a Canadian Flag on your car.