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Monarch butterfly at Point Pelee, Essex County,
(photo by Ryan Pimiskern, Flickr).
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The freedom movements of Windsor, Ontario, Canada will initially be as important in Projex.Wiki's development and dissemination as online social media word-of-mouth via,, and other platforms. Hopefully, in time the lines will blur between these communities and more as our projects expand beyond these few regionally and virtually defined limits. Just as Windsor's spirited resistance groups lead Ontario and Canada by example, so too, Projex.Wiki's Cassandra Team aims for contagious viral growth via other services and utilitarian platforms for effective resistance, alternatives, and solutions.

Windsor is home of User:JasonCarswell, co-founder of Projex.Wiki, who mingles within some of the many Windsor Freedom resistance groups.

Please read Jason's Projex message to Windsor, 2022-01-18.

Windsor on Wikipedia

The opening paragraph of Wikipedia's Windsor, Ontario article:

Windsor is a city in southwestern Ontario(WP), Canada, on the south bank of the Detroit River(WP) directly across from Detroit, Michigan(WP), United States. Geographically located within but administratively independent of Essex County(WP), it is the southernmost city in Canada and marks the southwestern end of the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor(WP). The city's population was 217,188 at the 2016 census(WP), making it the third-most populated city in Southwestern Ontario, after London(WP) and Kitchener(WP). The Detroit–Windsor(WP) urban area is North America's most populous trans-border conurbation(WP), and the Ambassador Bridge(WP) border crossing is the busiest commercial crossing on the Canada–United States border(WP).

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Windsor resistance for freedom

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Windsor Freedom Resistance includes groups actively skeptical of and resisting tyranny that may include lockdowns, mandates, passports, taxes, experimental injections or "vaccines", ineffective masks, unnecessary tests, and propaganda from corporate media, Machiavellian government, and big pharma "science" "experts" making billion$. Many of these groups are having their jobs, careers, and livelihoods threatened and suffer psychological games as the ruling class wages their fifth generation warfare upon humanity in a coordinated World Wide Class War . (Read about the United Nations' eugenics depopulation Agenda 21 and full spectrum dominance via a monopoly on violence and media monopoly for greater contextual understanding.)

* Unofficial name of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Category fields for new Windsor projects

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This site is new as of 2022, so many of these are new category fields for Windsor projects to be filled and participated in soon. Do not hesitate to mix mainstream projects with the alternatives and solutions beyond the norm for maximum utility.

(This list of categories has been rearranged several times. The next arrangement I may reference Craigslist and Kijiji for pragmatic familiarity.)

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