2023-02-13 Windsor City Hall slow roll

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Windsor freedom fringe gonna protest.
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On February 13, 2023 Windsor Freedom Resistance folks demonstrated their rage about the government overreach and police violence unleashed upon innocent civilians on the anniversary of the end of the 2022 Ambassador Bridge "blockade" 1 year ago on February 13, as well as protest the Windsor City Hall meeting and the controversially hot issue of...

Folks met downtown Windsor at 6 p.m. beneath the Great Canadian Flag, then proceeded to circle Windsor City Hall many times honking in protest before and into the 7 p.m. City Hall meeting, stopping occasionally for photos and videos. The convoy of vehicles migrated to loop up and down Huron Church Road, the location of the 2022 Ambassador Bridge "blockade", and eventually parked at a U-turn around spot to wave flags at very supportive traffic. Some took a bathroom break at Arby's to soon return to find the police had stopped by to clear the U-turn.


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