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There are over 50 ways to rig elections.
See also: Election/Fraud

There are over 50 ways to manipulate voters, steal elections, and rig politics.

  1. anonymous private voting
  2. artificial results
  3. avoidance of improvements and solutions
  4. awkward election days (US Tuesday voting) instead of more convenient weekends
  5. ballot stuffing
  6. broken voting stations
  7. bulk mail-in voting
  8. corporatocracy
  9. corruption
  10. Crosschecking voters
  11. dead voters
  12. destruction or invalidation of ballots
  13. disenfranchisement
  14. disinformation
  15. division of opposition support
  16. electoral college
  17. electoral fraud
  18. gerrymandering
  19. Greg Palast investigations
  20. Hacking Democracy
  21. Homeland Security now controls US voting processesTemplate:Citation needed
  22. intimidation
  23. inverted totalitarianism
  24. lack of transparency
  25. long voting lines
  26. mail-in vote delays
  27. mail-in vote fraud
  28. mail-in vote miscounting
  29. mail-in vote signature mismatch
  30. mail-in vote tampering
  31. manipulation of demography
  32. misleading confusing ballots
  33. misrecording votes
  34. multi-voters
  35. pandemic nonsense
  36. political action committee / super pacs
  37. popular vote
  38. proxy vote misuses
  39. rigged primaries
  40. secret boardroom meetings
  41. secret societies
  42. signatures
  43. super delegates
  44. tampering with electronic voting machines
  45. Vegas slots are more regulated than Diebold voting machines
  46. vote buying
  47. vote fraud in legislature
  48. vote hacking
  49. vote rigging
  50. vote striking
  51. vote tampering
  52. voter ID laws are racist and restrictive
  53. voter impersonation
  54. voter registration
  55. voter suppression
  56. voting machine magic, technological smoke and mirrors, just because a machine is separate and not connected to the internet does not mean votes are properly tallied
  57. Zionist infiltration

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Voting is a joke

A Princeton study stated political inequality leaves the mass majority irrelevant on policies without influence under the Oligarchy. "If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal," is an oft-cited sentiment<ref name=RockTheVote/> attributed to anarchist Emma Goldman.<ref>Goldman's actual writings expressed a distinct sentiment: "There is no hope even that woman, with her right to vote, will ever purify politics." Template:Citation</ref>[1] and/or Mark Twain. The artificially manufactured left-right paradigm is fiction telling us what to believe through the Overton window as the two major (war) business parties are literally the absolute minimum number for choice, virtually a one party state like China, despite 37 brands of cereal to consume. All elections are rigged from top to bottom in countless ways for maximum control - lack of transparency, voter registration nonsense (for an anonymous private vote?), voter suppression, restrictive voter ID laws, awkward Tuesday voting instead of on weekends, long voting lines, broken voting stations, electoral fraud, manipulation, disenfranchisement, division, intimidation, vote buying, disinformation, misleading confusing ballots, ballot stuffing, misrecording votes, proxy vote misuses, voter impersonation, multi-voters, dead voters, vote striking, Crosschecking voters, destruction or invalidation of ballots, vote tampering, artificial results, vote hacking, vote fraud in legislature, gerrymandering, super pacs, rigged primaries, super delegates, electoral college, popular vote, Hacking Democracy, Greg Palast investigations, corruption, secret societies and boardrooms, Zionist infiltration, inverted totalitarianism corporatocracy, Vegas slots are more regulated than Diebold voting machines[2][3], improved ranked voting, and the tax and voting forms should merge for taxation with authentic representation, in an easily accessible online open source block chain.Template:Citation needed But Homeland Security now controls voting processes in the USA.Template:Citation needed

Stop playing their game. Stop supporting centralized power. Address real needs at the local level.<ref name=RockTheVote>Template:Cite web</ref>

Rigged 2000 US election

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  • George W Bush lost to Al Gore who rolled over without resistance, the first "green" billionaire foisting his climate change myth to demand a carbon tax (as if that's the best or only way to address the alleged issues). But George Bush and his family needed to be the puppets in power for 9/11.
  • Florida, hanging chads, Jeb Bush, etc.
{more details required} Template:Citation needed

Rigged 2004 US election

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Rigged 2016 US elections

The 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries was a rigged selection election in favour of Hillary Clinton over sheepdog candidate Bernie Sanders, as the WikiLeaks emails prove the corrupt bias of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was scandalously forced to resign as Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee yet was immediately rewarded with the appointment of honorary chair of the Clinton campaign's "50 state program". Jimmy Dore said, "Everyone who was in bed with the Clintons and was in the mass media, remember the Pied-Piper strategy was to elevate Donald Trump,"<ref>Template:Cite web @ 5:50+ </ref><ref>Template:Cite web @ 0:44:50+ </ref> because Hillary thought she had better chances, perhaps rigged, against the deplorable Trump than other Republican candidates. She lost regardless who may have rigged the elections. Bernie wouldn't have. America's Overton window shifted right.Template:Citation needed

see also: What Happened To Bernie Sanders, a 2018 book by Jared H. Beck Esq. with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author David Talbot.
Beck, Jared H. (2018) "What Happened To Bernie Sanders". Hot Books. Template:ISBN or Template:ISBN

Rigged 2020 US elections

Donald Trump, the incumbent 45th President of the United States, lost re-election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, former Vice President under Barack Obama, as the result of election fraud. Template:Citation needed




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