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None Of The Above Direct Democracy Party Logo.

The None Of The Above Direct Democracy Party is a Canadian national, provincial, and regional political party.

Platform Concepts

Fundamental concepts to convey to the masses.

Direct democracy

Explain direct democracy: return the power to the people by giving them a say on EVERYTHING - on all issues great and small (not just some issues we're "allowed" to vote on in their rigged systems). The democratic "tyranny of the majority" is vastly superior to the tyranny of the 1% ruling class.

  • Tweak as necessary the direct democracy definition above referencing Professor Richard Wolff.

Compassion, care & FOTPACH

Have compassion, care, and be the FOTPACH (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest) you want to see in the world.

More freedom & less tyranny

FOTPACH management (fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest) may apply to all hierarchies, from governments to corporate policies, smaller businesses to social media management, and to any system with laws, rules, or guides.

Fewer better clearer laws, not more laws.

Smaller better honest governance, not more government, more power, and more corruption.

Leading NOTA and Canada, bottom up

Carpe diem

We can wait for the centralized national or provincial None Of The Above leadership to hand down campaign strategies, plans, scripts, etc. - OR - we can seize the day, do it ourselves, and collaborate with other regions with good ideas who may do things similarly or in their own ways.

Resource lists

This wiki, Projex.Wiki, is a powerful tool for local, regional, and/or global projects - including NOTA projects. But this site is not unique and there are other platforms, resources, ideas, and things to communicate. We should compile and organize resource lists to be utilized by all, mirrored on this wiki and other sites.

National NOTA style guide

In addition to campaign strategies, video concepts, etc. I propose we develop a national NOTA style guide to build strong brand recognition, along with a high-resolution image bank of all potentially useful images (ie. candidates, crowds, logos, etc) and how to use them for consistency across all ridings across Canada. (Last year I, Jason Carswell, tried to help the PPC, People's Party of Canada, with some video graphics but they simply weren't organized at all, top to bottom.)

NOTA Candidates

David Sylvestre, May 2022.
Photography by Vincent Cease.
David Sylvestre's NOTA business card.

More concepts?

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