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Not to be confused with David Sylvian or Sylvester the Cat.
David Sylvestre, May 2022.
Photography by Vincent Cease.
David Sylvestre's NOTA business card.
Chris Sky was very keen to hear from David about NOTA Direct Democracy Party concepts and supported this alternative despite being careful to distance himself from and not endorse the Ontario Party candidates at the Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-05-07, because obviously, voting for different tyrants won't solve inherent systemic tyrannical problems.
None Of The Above Direct Democracy Party Logo.
David Sylvestre, May 2022.
Photography by Vincent Cease.

David Sylvestre is a candidate running for the None of the Above Canadian political party focused on direct democracy giving more power to the people - along with cooperative and voluntary choices, interactions, and actions.

Previous elections

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Infogalactic: Green Party of Ontario candidates in the 2007 Ontario provincial election

Upcoming election

Ontario 2018 Windsor-Tecumseh.

The David Sylvestre 2022 political campaign is brainstorming None of the Above Direct Democracy Party candidate strategies to run in Windsor—Tecumseh district's Ontario provincial elections, June 2, 2022, (Thursday).


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