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Parents Rights Day Of Action

Parents For Parents' Rights (PFPR), Windsor, Ontario.

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Parents For Parents' Rights

    • Parents for Parents Rights (PFPR) believes that the parents and guardians are the most important educators and first role models of their children
    • Parents teach their children ethnocultural, spiritual and personal beliefs and traditions.
    • We promote the importance of respecting family values and beliefs – emphasizing communication, mutual support and transparency between parents and schools.
    • This partnership will encourage a positive environment for their child’s education.

Parents Rights DOA

    Schools teach an unquestionable, radical social justice doctrine, while bureaucrats & boards censor concerned parents


2023-06 Canadian Pride Month, June 2023

2023-06 Canadian Pride Month, June 2023

Send kids to school wearing red and white.
Celebrate our heritage and the right to freedom of expression.
2023-06-08 Live from Ottawa

2023-06-08 Live from Ottawa

2023-06-08, 7:30pm
Town Hall
2023-06-09 Parents Celebrating Canada

2023-06-09 Parents Celebrating Canada

2023-06-09, 11am, Dieppe Gardens
78 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario
Parents Rights Day Of Action
Education Not Indoctrination
Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, etc.
2023-06-20 Final School Board Meeting!

2023-06-20 Final School Board Meeting!

2023-06-20, 6:30pm, Greater Essex County District School Board
451 Park Street West, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6K1

2023-09-19 Greater Essex County District School Meeting

2023-09-19 Greater Essex County District School Meeting, Tuesday, September 19, 6:30pm. Stand up for parental rights and family values at the the first Greater Essex County District School Meeting for the 2023/2024 school year, 451 Park Street West, Windsor, Ontario.

2023-09-20 Million Person March

2023-09-20 Million Person March, Wednesday, September 20, 9:00am, Dieppe Gardens, Riverside Drive at Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario. Meeting (and rally?) at 9:00am, 11:am march.

Alternative media

Clyde Do Something

Muslims & Christians Come Together to Protect Children from Indoctrination - Kamel El-Cheikh (23:28) ~ Clyde Do Something, July 25, 2023

Kamel El-Cheikh joins me to talk about the recent coming together of communities throughout Canada and the Western World for that matter. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Secular, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, you name it. [As well as atheists!] People are coming together under one single umbrella. Innocence of the children. Protests have been breaking out all over because parents have had enough of the indecent things being taught to kids without parents' input.

Hashtags: #christian #islam #canada

The Truth Trumpet

The Truth Trumpet, YouTube channel, featuring Freedom Steven.

The Truth Trumpet Welcomes Parents for Parents Rights (1:29:53) ~ The Truth Trumpet, July 5, 2023

Our panel deep dives into the sexualization of children in the public school system. We break down the School Board Protest from June 20th and discuss the upcoming protest on July 10th. Find out how you can take lawful, peaceful action as a concerned parent or citizen to protect our kids!!

Hashtags: #Parents #rights #public #school #board #failure #shutout #meetings #protectthechildren #love #light #lightworker #kids #lawful #action #truth #jesus #censorship #humanity #canada #christ #onpoli #life #leadership

The Truth Trumpet YouTube channel, featuring Freedom Steven and friends.

~ Weaving Canadians together through community support ~

Faith & Freedom & Family

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Woke Watch Canada Newsletter

Alerting Canadian parents, teachers and concerned citizens about the radicalism in schools and beyond.

We are concerned citizens, parents and teachers pushing back against divisive radicalism in schools & culture. Share your examples of woke indoctrination with us. Read the newsletter at

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