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This is a non-encyclopedic wiki-project and ongoing work in progress. Feel free to help improve it.
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This is non-encyclopedic wiki-project is mirrored on InfoGalactic, Projex.Wiki, and WikiSpooks, initiated on SaidIt.
This project would not be allowed on Wikipedia, Quora, Facebook, nor Reddit.
Not to be confused with Truther, Truther (disambiguation), the 9/11 Truth movement, the Truther Top 20s counter-propaganda list series wiki-based open-project, or the Trutherism 101 counter-propaganda animated series wiki-based open-development project.

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The Truther Newbie Crash Course list series project, (aka TNCC), intends to simply present a short list of highly recommended media on the basic fundamentals of "conspiracy theories", to make it easier to understand, to introduce uninitiated common "normie" people to the ideas, philosophy, history, and context of Truth Seekers, truthers, historical revisionists, skeptics, conspirophiles, tin foil hatters, deniers, etc - and fully explain why many believe the entire world's "authorities" are utterly corrupted.

While it's not necessary to have a black belt in Trutherism, it certainly would help to be familiar with many of the concepts within the Truther Top 20s lists. Fortunately the Truther Newbie Crash Course takes the liberty of condensing hundreds of thousands of books, documentaries, and other media, with years upon years of study, through mountains of information, disinformation, and misinformation, intentional or accidental - mining for the golden nuggets of truths, aggregated into a short list curated for your convenience in your busy life. It's an evolving best attempt at a Trutherism-in-a-nutshell summary that includes only the best of the best. It's as brief as it can be to still comprehensively cover the fundamentals about the full spectrum dominance of the ruling class over all our lives.

The aim is to present the good, bad, and ugly pros and cons on the many sides of "official" narratives, while being accessible to regular folks and letting them make up their own minds for themselves, ideally with excellent follow-up leads and resources (ie. Truther Top 20s) for further individual inquiry, exercising critical analysis and independent free thought. Perhaps one day we may even develop a quantitative method or implementable system to provide helpful ratings.

In our fast-pace short attention span rat race world where sound bites are all people can digest, this may be a part of the missing broad contextual antidote for our socially engineered consumerist war-mongering corrupted culture. We sure need solutions and for sheeple to wake the flock up.

Project origins


The Truther Newbie Crash Course was originally conceived and started on within the discussion entitled "SaidItSurvey : How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers (please read and comment)", 2018-12-27. Initially these lists were together but growing with too many characters for a single comment, they were split into separate comments.

On 2019-06-21 they were reunited on this SaidIt wiki page to find more easily with simpler updating access for everyone.

These lists are mirrored on SaidIt and InfoGalactic, and soon WikiSpooks:

All Truther Top 20s and Truther Newbie Crash Course content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though copies and forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source with integrity.

Bonus Fun: 2019-02-19 = Birthdate of the new religion... TRUTHERISM! - It's official.

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Mirrored non-encyclopedic wiki-project

On September 7, 2019, User:JasonCarswell started this non-encyclopedic wiki-project and copied over the lists from SaidIt (mentioned above) to be more easily managed and better presented here. It's worth including this explanatory notice to the InfoGalactic community:

Why is this project on

This is a living example of what the InfoGalactic wiki and encyclopedia can offer that Wikipedia and others can't or won't. Without mass revolt and a revolution the censorship on Wikipedia, Quora, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. will continue to only get worse. InfoGalactic can be a censorship-free haven and alternative to other social media sites. Obviously it's not like Facebook but it's not like Wikipedia either and to compete InfoGalactic needs to offer something more, and not just freedom from rigged rules that censor. InfoGalactic needs participants and community - and this may be one way. Not everyone will have a project like this. Perhaps people will keep, share and collaborate on journals, screenplays, novels, etc. and there may be no end to how they might utilize their personal space in the User pages.

Additionally, the more that people are active on InfoGalactic projects, the more they'll contribute to the free speech encyclopedia.

All help and constructive criticisms are very welcome and I look forward to discussions about any of these ideas on my interactive project user sub-pages, discussion pages, and on my own user discussion page.

Do not disturb this project unless you are participating and contributing. If you have an issue with it, then by all means, let us discuss it on the Talk:Truther Newbie Crash Course page or my User_talk:JasonCarswell page.

Mirrored on Projex.Wiki and WikiSpooks

Since migrating to InfoGalactic on 2019-09-07, this page was updated a handful of times, well before the COVID hysteria and plandemic, but not since that manufactured crisis changed our world forever. On 2023-08-14 this wiki-page was mirrored across InfoGalactic, Projex.Wiki, and WikiSpooks.

TNCC - Level 1A - Introductory Skepticism Toward The Media, Authority, History, And War

Red pill and blue pill. Ignorance is bliss - but ignorance is no excuse.

{{#ev:youtube |I6tQncLdJfw |300 |right |Fishy Titanic Tactics | Diversity Vs. Safety? (20:17) by Richard Grove, 2023-08-13. |frame}}

  • (optional: Making A Murderer, is a popular skewed-narrative "true crime" NetFlix docu-series that omits major facts.Template:Citations needed In this example the media implies the police framed the guy while overlooking the evidence he actually did it, similar to how the media handled the West Memphis Three and O. J. Simpson cases. The police are anything but innocent, but should not be framed either. The media are frequently intentionally deceptive misinformers and manipulative exploiters sewing discord and division. Needed: Media countering the series. ie. Ed Opperman.)
  • Adam Curtis select documentary highlights with brief further explanations for the focus, plus the option of watching them completely. James Corbett (journalist) may have already done this for us in his work.
  • O.J. Simpson facts are never covered on corporate media intentionally skewing viewers conclusions. Refer to this brief O. J. Simpson was framed paragraph for extensive, detailed, and conclusive supporting media. Needed: a tight well-made documentary summarizing the true facts and media lies. Can you recommend one?
  • DuckDuckGo search: World Trade Center bombing 1993, a "botched" FBI operation. Needed: a tight well-made documentary summarizing the true case. Can you recommend one?
  • Needed: a decent history of false flags is needed. WikiSpooks has a good false flag article. Lists, articles, documentaries... James Corbett likely made several worthy videos. Can you recommend one?

TNCC - Level 1B - 9/11, The Very Origin Of The Globalists War Of Terror, Begun With False Flag Lies

File:9-11 Vitaly Podvitsky 9-11-2015 Border Cropped.png
The catalyst starting perpetual global war remains taboo to question.
  • American Anthrax v1.5 (2015-09-16), by Robbie Martin (brother of Abby Martin), also director of A Very Heavy Agenda, are must see documentaries. The huge key to covering up 9/11 is the Anthrax Attack that threatened corporate media and Democrat leaders into silence. An inside job proven by the FBI, the case was closed, unsolved. It was HUGE at the time amid all the other confusion but is now largely conveniently forgotten.

- Plus:

TNCC - Level 2 - Introductory Skepticism Toward All Establishment Systems

Stickmen Oppressor Victimhood.svg
Designed by User:JasonCarswell.
  • A brief history of Wahhabi fundamentalist Islam and how this malevolent faith has been protected and fostered through the last century, and how all Muslims are blamed for this one sect.
  • Out Of Shadows, a documentary on Hollywood, corporate media, CIA influence, Operation Mockingbird, child abuse, "Reality is 20 times more interesting than Hollywood," Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, mind control, violence and sexual trauma, rise of Satanism in Hollywood, Laurel Canyon's Lookout Mountain, honey pots, controlling celebs to control their messages, crossing the hard truth barriers of how truly evil authority is, Pizzagate, still no investigation, everyone knew about Jeffery Epstien but said nothing, NXIVM, controlled celebs and occult symbols, spirit cooking, connect the dots, step back, look at the agendas, and "Truth is learned, never told."

- Recommended truther channels with higher production value but less frequent releases that are too the point and glossy presentations for those with no time to waste on interviews, sloppy podcasts, live chats, over detailed repetitive redundant tedious tiring boring documentaries ad naseaum, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

TNCC - Level 3 - Introductory Skepticism Toward Elite Power Through History

Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy, François Lemoyne, 1737.
  • Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, a 1963 book by Carroll Quigley, is a rare insiders view and a tedious but revealing intellectual analysis of power without realizing any problems with it. Because it's not reader friendly, yet because it's so critically important, many historians have broken it down and analysed it. Joe Plummer is most famously an indie rock drummer but is also an independent researcher who has released his 2016 book, Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy, in every format FREE of charge (except hard-copies) available at and most bookstores - as well as Plummer's other books.
  • Other real genocides far less covered in media, without reparations
  • History of FBI and CIA operations

- Bonus Fun:


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