2022-08-03 Dr. Kazmie child vaccination protest

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Protesting eugenicist Dr. Huma Kazmie, a big pharma and corporate media misinformation propagandist who gives children provably harmful experimental "vaccinations".

Dr. Huma Kazmie, Windsor pediatrician uses the corporate media to market Moderna experimental "vaccinations" that are provably harmful to children.

The Windsor Star lied about the protest event (linked below), and Currie aptly pointed out, "the medical establishment was defaming us, that we did not intimidate or block access. We protested peacefully and cooperated with police. Rich [Garton] [of CTV] sounded sympathetic and assured me he'll be putting this in his follow up article, so keep an eye out for that."

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Windsor Star articles spin lies about the protest

Top doc critical of protesters outside Windsor doctor's office ~ Dalson Chen, Aug 05, 2022

Protesters target Windsor doctor who promotes COVID-19 vaccines for children ~ Trevor Wilhelm, Aug 03, 2022

Windsor health leaders come to the defence of doctor targeted by anti-vax protest ~ Trevor Wilhelm, Aug 04, 2022

Windsor Star article mirrored re-posts on SaidIt.net

Top doc critical of protesters outside Windsor doctor's office

Partly-protest-inspired a new book project

I am now openly developing a book on SaidIt.net and Projex.Wiki. First, let's find a suitable title, based on this initial project outline. ~ Jason Carswell, 2022-08-05