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Jason Carswell bio

Jason Carswell is a creative director and animator with experience in some of the top animations studios and on live-action productions in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, and Vancouver - including Topix, Chuck Gammage, Pitch Inc., Charlex, Click 3X, Curious ?ictures, Digital Alchemy, Bhaum Chicka Wah-Wah, Good Productions, The Farm, Balsmeyer & Everett, BeeVision, and helped found Guru Animation Studio. As animator, art director, and director he's worked on too many television commercials to count, music videos, feature films, PSAs, features, and television. Jason also has creative and tech experience in illustration, graphic design, filmmaking, publishing, web design, toy and product line design, social media management, event production, Burning Man and regional events, community organizing, media analysis, cultural analysis, skepticism, activism, and political action. Jason attended Sheridan College, St. Clair College, the University of Windsor, the Academy of Design, and has the distinction of having worked on an Oscar-winning film (for best adapted screenplay and sadly not for animation).

Jason Carswell has no professional experience teaching, yet, but is confident he's able as he often tutors folks informally on various matters. Teaching (and learning) is in his blood with a family consisting primarily of doctors, teachers, artists, and builders - often simultaneously. Jason doesn't do gaming nor has gaming animation experience, but knows there's overlap, and of course can learn.

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