2023-02-05 Windsor Freedom Rally

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Windsor freedom fringe gonna protest.
Windsor freedom fringe gonna protest.
(Photo by ???, received via text message.)

The Trucker Convoy from Windsor to Ottawa began January 29, 2022. For an anniversary celebration folks drove from Windsor to Tilbury to Chatham to London to Woodstock to Hamilton to Vaughan Mills for fireworks and freedom, on Saturday, January 28, 2023. (See some the photos and videos.) The following week folks again convoyed from Toronto to Woodstock to London to Chatham to another spirited Windsor Freedom Rally on Sunday, February 5, 2023.


I don't know, but I've been told...

Police-trolling video

Apparently, the night before some drunk folks made a Facebook video telling folks to rally (and block?) at the Ambassador Bridge. The police monitor Facebook groups, but whether the police overreacted and showed up with their armoured vehicles again is unknown.

Silver City

Apparently, the private property owner asked us to not gather on the huge empty parking lot of the now post-COVID defunct Silver City movie theater on Walker Road by the Highway 401 exit (for insurance reasons?). Silver City was the publicly shared and very visible-to-traffic first location for our tail gate celebration. Organizers keeping secret plans and relocating keeps the police and corporate media (CBC showed up to Silver City, but it's unknown if they migrated to the River) on their toes, but in addition to wasting time and gas, it also causes confusion, division, and frustration to the folks who just want to come together. Further, everyone is missing out who volunteers to stay behind at Silver City and/or other locations to redirect traffic.

Plan C

Apparently, Plan C was migrating the rally to the not-very-visible-to-traffic rally spot under the Great Canadian Flag at Riverside Drive and Ouellette Avenue. It's unclear what was considered Plan A, Plan B, or if there was a Plan D.


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