2023-02-11 Pierre Poilievre visits Windsor, Ontario

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Pierre Poilievre at the Caboto Club, 2023-02-11.


Pierre Poilievre spoke at a meet and greet at the Giovanni Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario, on February 11, 2023. Two controversial videos, of the four listed below, were generated at this event.

Media coverage

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Independent media coverage

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Corrupt corporate media coverage

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Inevitable future prime minister of Canada

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau (WikiSpooks, Wikipedia) is so divisive, tyrannical, and terrible that it's inevitable he will be unseated in the next election - assuming there's any semblance of legitimacy. There are now well over 50 ways to rig the vote employed by the powers-that-should-not-be. (A pre-COVID list: InfoGalactic.com...Voting_is_a_joke. Coverage: SaidIt.net/s/Voting_IsARiggedJoke.) Electoral fraud will persist until we can have verifiable voting receipts, transparency like Bitcoin ledgers, and accounting as reliable as banks at counting every cent in your account.

The inevitable next prime minister of Canada will be...

"Pierre Poilievre (PC MP; born June 3, 1979) is a Canadian politician who has served as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the leader of the Official Opposition since 2022. Poilievre has served as a member of Parliament (MP) since 2004." ~ source: Wikipedia (There is a new Pierre Poilievre article on WikiSpooks that you can help improve.)

Strategize to hold the politically powerful accountable

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Pierre Poilievre says a lot of the correct things to gain support from his base, but he never goes far enough. Sure the mandates have ended (just for now?) but he didn't support the freedom movement the 2022 Trucker Convoy started until long after it became politically advantageous to do so. Even now he refuses to discuss vaccine injuries or the global genocide lead by the WEF with their Great Reset and the U.N.'s Agenda 2030. He cannot be trusted to be the leader that we actually need, even if he is the obvious lesser of two evils. Thus, we must strive to gain leverage over the greatest authority in the land to be held accountable.

At present Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party have a minority lead over Canada, unconditionally supported by the New Democratic Party (NDP) lead by Jagmeet Singh, the only one who can take away Trudeau's stranglehold. Unfortunately they are all part of the corporatocracy serving the corrupt globalist establishment waging a depopulation class war on humanity.

When the Conservatives inevitably take power, rather than unbridled majority powers to do anything they want, ideally they would also be limited by a minority lead held in balanced check, supported under strict terms by an indie party.

The polls must be carefully watched, and voters obviously need to beat out the Liberals and the NDP, but critically we must strategize to:

  1. Win a minority lead for Conservatives - NOT a majority.
  2. Win indie party seats where possible.
  3. Support and strengthen indie parties in areas that can't win.

After the next election the Conservative Party will undoubtedly be the largest party, and if if managed well is certainly able to yield some power to indie parties. Intelligent sub-division is more balanced and much better than the poor results of chaotic division - or swapping tyrannies for another majority monopoly with no leverage for the people. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” ~ George Orwell, 1984

I've not yet seen corruption in the New Blue Party Of Ontario but they're provincial, not national. The People's Party Of Canada (PPC) has major issues, yet may be the least of evils to practically support.

Decentralize all things, including banks, politics, tech, etc. to better resist perpetual world war and tyrannical enslavement systems.

Poster: Four poison injections. This poster features marker-drawn logos (AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer) with a spray-painted Halloween Dollar Store placemat stencil of a skull & crossbones.
Poilievre's opposition resorts to extreme leaps to demonize those in attendance. Some present were not supporters but there to question his stance on vaccine injuries.

Pierre Poilievre's meet and greet

At Pierre Poilievre's meet and greet at the Giovanni Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario, 2023-02-11, Jason Carswell arrived early to raise high a sign featuring a skull and crossbones with four logos of experimental injection companies: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Tall lanky young men from Pierre Poilievre's team repeatedly harassed Jason to not display the anti-poison sign using various excuses such as how the CBC would weaponize it, demonize Conservatives (Jason is neither Liberal nor Conservative), and distract from Pierre's message. Jason suggested they fight back against any lying corporate media smears (or be political cowards of the corrupt establishment) and we all must raise awareness and address the extremely relevant censored issues of 'vaccine' injuries and manufactured genocide. Eventually Jason agreed to not hold up the sign once Pierre's speech began, and did so, aside from one time when mandates were briefly mentioned - the closest Pierre even got to discussing COVID or vaccines (unless not heard).

Jason handed the sign off to 'Rich Angel' who had made no such agreement with Pierre's pathetic goons who then promptly attempted to get him to lower the sign. After some moments of nonsense, Rich had the brilliant idea of recording what transpired, but by the time Jason got his phone ready, the cowards had cleared away not to be in their faces again (until the end regarding the banners that were ultimately hung outside, in pictures below). Not deterred and seizing this golden opportunity, Rich proceeded to convey the important message (video below). Rich Angel works with freedom fighters who care for the weak, sick, elderly, and those in need - and he knows what he's talking about.


The Rich Angel Explains How Pierre Poilievre Is Soft On Vaccine Genocide And Injuries, 2023-02-11 video is 1 minute, 35 seconds.

Of the guesstimated 1,500 people in attendance there were only a couple posters of support besides this protest banner with actual bite. Interestingly there was not one single indication the entire from anyone against the sign (besides Pierre's team) with only love and appreciation for what we were doing. Countless thumbs up, handshakes, peace signs, smiles, "right on", etc. A couple dozen active freedom fighters were recognized in attendance, but the overwhelming surprise was the vast amount new faces who expressed wide awareness about the vaccine issue. Some had been jabbed, some even injured, and some now on disability.

Pierre Poilievre spoke to hundreds about his ideas but cleverly avoided being publicly challenged via questions and answers, instead having people form long lines for intimate questions, handshakes, and selfies. Many people felt that medical tyranny was issue number one and wanted to hear solutions.

Pierre Poilievre and freedom pizza

After Canadian politician and Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre spoke to about 1,500 people at the Giovanni Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario, 2023-02-11, some people, including many freedom folks, sat down for pizza.

Some folks suspected while others were surprised when Pierre appeared and made his way around the entire restaurant shaking everyone's hands before putting on an apron to cook a pizza in the wood-fired brick oven.

Poilievre, the next prime minister of Canada, weaselled, wormed, and evaded answering regarding urgent accountability for vaccine injuries and the WEF genocide. (Had I known he was coming to, or that I would be recording, I would have preferred to be more sober and articulate with a steady camera on a tripod.)

Many folks got a little slice of history. Even pizzas made by sneaky politicians taste amazing at the Caboto Club.


The Pierre Poilievre Dodges Accountability For Vaccine Injuries, 2023-02-11 video is 2 minutes, 27 seconds.

The Pierre Poilievre Makes A Pizza, 2023-02-11 video is 1 minute, 27 seconds.

The Pierre Poilievre Slices A Pizza, 2023-02-11 video is 3 minutes, 26 seconds.

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# Canada Is Broken

More details coming soon.

Several hours after the meet and greet, and after this pizza, Jason Carswell went back to the empty hall to collect a few posters, some abandoned Druthers, and found a shiny blue bag under the table where Pierre was shaking hands. Within the bag were several gifts (unopened) including a beautifully illustrated Canadian flag. Every effort is being made to return the items to their source.


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