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Chris Sky (right) was very keen to hear from David Sylvestre (left) about NOTA Direct Democracy Party concepts and supported this alternative despite being careful to distance himself from and not endorse the Ontario Party candidates at the Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-05-07, because obviously, voting for different tyrants won't solve inherent systemic tyrannical problems.

Christopher Saccoccia (born 1983), widely referred to as Chris Sky, is a Canadian anti-globalization activist known for his opposition to COVID-19 mandates. He has an active Telegram channel.<ref></ref>

Sky was one of the earliest protesters against COVID-19 when mandates were implemented in March 2020, and had the analytical skill to realize this would not be only "2 weeks to flatten the curve".

In March 2022, the Royal Bank of Canada blocked him from to his bank accounts, claiming they couldn't verify his identity.<ref></ref>

He has been notably targeted by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, a communist "anti-racist" political organization, which has accused Sky of engaging online in rhetoric regarding Holocaust denial and antisemitism, anti-black racism, "Islamophobia", "homophobia" and "transphobia".<ref></ref> The globalist-controlled internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has condemned him as being a conspiracy theorist.<ref></ref>

Chris Sky has been headline speaker to thousands across Canada. He's made appearances in Windsor, Ontario on 2021-08-28, 2021-10-23, and 2022-05-07, along with other appearances in the region.



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