Community social event ideas

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See also: Community organizing and Community venue ideas.

When organizing, communities may appreciate rest and relaxation on occasion to cement friendly bonds beyond serious projects.

Windsor Premier Cruises boat.
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Banquet Hall Club 9
1457 Drouillard Road, Windsor, Ontario.
Banquet facility for any occasion.
Contact: 519.566.2828

Social recreational ideas

  • art galleries and museums
  • beer tasting
  • boat cruise (ie. Detroit Princess or Windsor Premier Cruises 519-250-3999)
  • bowling
  • canoeing
  • Freedom-Music Festival (*only music about freedom)
  • garden nursery tours
  • island gatherings (Peche Island, Pelee Island, etc)
  • picnics
  • potlucks
  • scavenger hunt
  • spa
  • sports
  • wine tasting

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