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WEFringe monthly birthday celebrations are a social activity for folks to get to know each other and relax in recreational settings beyond the intensity of prepping and freedom communities of of Windsor and Essex County. In the do-ocracy spirit, large or small, these monthly events may be organized by anyone inspired to to step up and make it happen.


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  • Celebrate freedom folks' March birthdays!!!
  • when : 9pm+ Sat, Mar 18, 2023
  • where : Sir Richard's Wine & Ale House
11828 Tecumseh Rd. East @ Banwell Rd. 226-676-0700
  • A row of tables is reserved for Freedom Fighters.
  • St. Patrick decorations will be up from the night prior.
  • The kitchen is open until midnight.
  • Save room for cupcakes.
  • Live music Saturdays: March 18th: Wade Sharp, country music
Country music = farmers, rural life, loyal to the market
Western music = cowboys, ranching, less fiddles, more Mexican, loyal to the sound, image, and lifestyle
  • Organizing, information, and find the latest updates :
  • Sign up to Projex.Wiki by contacting MJasonCarswell@Gmail.com

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