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Community organizing

YouTube video: How Organization is Priceless | Whistleblowing 101 w/ Richard Grove | 20 Years Later (22:07) ~ Richard Grove, August 19, 2023


This video essay features constructive criticism about optimizing with a focus on productivity without the humanity.

YouTube video: Productivity Rips You Apart (11:46) ~ Horses, July 31, 2023


YouTube video: John Cleese on Creativity In Management (1991-01-23) (37:00) ~ Video Arts, June 21, 2017


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  • Starting new social media platforms - It is important to have a clear idea of what you aim to accomplish when starting a new social media platform. This page outlines a rudimentary checklist.

Community organizing concepts

Robert's Rules of Order, manual of parliamentary procedure, first edition, 1876.

Community organizing concepts and standard terminology can help us operate on the same page.

Event planning

Windsor Premier Cruises boat.
Contact: 519.250.3999

We need to plan our next events, starting by organizing our calendar and lists, perhaps on a spreadsheet featuring event categories, guest categories, featured local folks, topical issues, needs, wants, wishes, resources, peripheral pavilions, other communities, volunteers, communications.

Online community organizing