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FOTPACHIES community management = Fair, Open, Transparent, Peaceful, Accountable, Consistent, Honest, Inclusive, Ethical, Social.

This ambitious, ambiguous, subjective term includes critical ethical community management concepts lacking in most hierarchical institutions. This term is a tool to resist the root of all modern problems - hierarchies, monopolies, and tyrannies.


FOTPACHIES community management may apply to many groups, including social media administration, businesses, cooperative organizations, organizing freedom and prepper groups, voluntarism (working as, working with, and managing volunteers), voluntaryism (voluntary personal interactions without masters), and even local governments (possible) to national governments (wishful).

Fundamental maxim

FOTPACHIES community management is typically incompatible with authoritarian hierarchical management, and while imperfect this maxim is at least a foot in the door to keep open discussions alive with the hopeful intentions of improving - to do better, always, if possible.

This maxim should be fundamental in founding new or evolving established ethical communities (to be kept in mind when drafting charters, goals, roadmaps, and rules), for starting new social media platforms, local freedom and prepper groups, media companies, or in political campaigns.


FOTPACHIES community management aims include better equipping groups to pursuit authentic, flexible, secure, self-management, self-regulation, and self-reliance for longevity, prosperity, and success. The status quo will always stomp on these goals.


Nothing to do with "diverse and inclusive" woke politics, the "Inclusive" element refers to:

  1. The ability for everyone of a community to have a say in all matters (not just what folks are allowed to debate). Not everyone will care to be involved in all matters, and that's expected and okay.
  2. Management must always be committed to making every effort to invite all community members to interactively participate, directly or via Open, Transparent, publishing of information and public relations.
  3. The interactive participatory Social aspect is critical to inclusiveness. Without open communication, it's simply one-way dictates (or else...).

Historical development is an uncensored Reddit-like aggregation news and debate forum for free-thinking and truth-seeking.

2020 (+ 2021?)

While calling out the unfair hypocrisy and bullshit of /u/magnora7, owner and co-founder of, the term developed and grew into:
FOTPACH - Fair, Open, Transparent, Peaceful, Accountable, Consistent, Honest.

2021 + 2022

While calling out local Windsor Freedom Resistance "leadership" hypocrisy and bullshit, it became clear that FOTPACH may apply to much more than just social media management.


Recognized that FOTPACH is just ethical management, with specific qualities, but it also needs more: inclusive participation. (The core organizing team refused to include regular resistance folks.)

Winter 2022 / 2023

"IES management" was added to make it "Inclusive Ethical Social management".

2023 April

This article was clarified and expanded, adding "community" to improve the "ethical community management" definition (making "social" somewhat redundant while messing up the acronym).
"FOTPACHI ethical community management" is technically better, but it's still a mouthful.
Maybe rearrange the acronym into "FOIPATCH ethical community management"? People do prefer "patch" over "pach".

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