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Technology alternatives

This page is a messy work in progress.

These lists of technology alternatives are just a starting point jump off list of the


MediaWikis are very secure, extremely well supported globally as FLOSS (free / libré open-source software), and because powerful decentralized or distributed wiki networks do not exist (yet), our simple decentralization solution and top priority is to provide openly downloadable backups to prepare for the worst (censorship and loss of freedom).

Operating systems

Personal computer operating systems

Personal computer operating systems blurb.
FLOSS blurb.
Personal Computer Operating Systems
Num OS Security Details Note
1 Linux Mint strong now most popular FLOSS -
2 Ubuntu strong formerly most popular FLOSS -
3 macOS meh Linux-based,
extremely constricted,
corporate compromised
4 Windows 7 weak corporate compromised -
5 Windows 10 terrible corporate compromised -

Portable device operating systems

Portable device operating systems blurb.
Portable Device Operating Systems
Num OS Security Details Note
1 LineageOS strong de-Googled Only supports specific models requires tech skills
2 Android OS Google corporate compromised -
3 iOS
(formerly iPhone OS)
Apple secure with humans but
corporate compromised

Programs and applications

Cross-platform software

Cross-platform software blurb.

Personal computer programs

Personal computer programs blurb.

Portable device applications

Portable device applications blurb.

Crowdsourced references

Projex.Wiki will be starting a list of tech alternatives and solutions for normies and resistance folks. Please discuss them here and I'll copy paste your feedback/reviews. (Posted on SaidIt, by submitted 10 days ago by JasonCarswell, Feb 15, 2022.)

Search engines that don't use Google as a source:

  • Peer2Peer tier (Impossible to take down)
  • Briar (Chat, groupchat/private forums and Forums) ManyVerse (Chat, groupchat up to 7 and Facebook style posts) Jami (Chat and groupchat) Aether (Reddit style forum)
  • Decentralized tier (Hard to take it all down at once, no single point of failure)
  • Mastodon replaces twitter Diaspora/Friendica replaces Facebook Lemmy replaces Reddit Basically anything that support ActivityPub
  • Self-hosted tier (Easy to take down)
  • NextCloud (pi) for home cloud YunoHost for private hosting, Matrix/XMPP/email/websites, scripts etc.
  • Phone and computers (Disregarding the physical spy chips on modern CPU's)
  • Use Linux on your computer, use open source ROMs on your phone. If you can't hack it, it's not your hardware.

  • Mastodon
    • So far as I can tell, there's nothing on Mastadon. I don't think anyone really wants to learn how to use it. It seems rather counter-intuitive and un- user-friendly.

  • I subscribe to a lot of open source producers (pinephone, fairphone etc) and programmers, newsbots, interesting people etc.
  • Mastodon isn't just a website like twitter, it's thousands of mastodon websites interconnected.
  • I also subscribe to youtube and instagram style platforms through the same account and get it in the same feed. I run a dedicated script that converts RSS to AP, so I subscribe to newssites through Mastodon too.


This is absolutely incredible. Thank you for making this. How can I help?

  • Linux rather than Windows
  • Unbound (for running your own DNS server) rather than using the ISP DNS servers.
  • NextCloud rather than Google cloud services
  • Brave
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Signal

  • LibreWolf
    • desktop
  • IceRaven
    • mobile
  • Chromium based browsers like Brave can be better for privacy but still cede too much control of the open web to Google

  • Tor Browser
  • Tails OS
    • for the privacy inclined

  • Signal is a superior alternative to WhatsApp for messaging apps

  • Brave
    • great if you want $5 in extra beer money a month
    • not as good at privacy as they lead you to believe
    • currently the best combination of privacy and compatibility
  • DuckDuckGo
    • filters results too, they're just not as bad as Google
    • imperfect, without better alternatives

  • Searx.

  • Vivaldi
    • made by a former Opera programmer or something

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