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Not to be confused with Apache Cassandra, an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across commodity servers.
The font used for its logo is probably Cronos Bold Italic.
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Not to be confused with the Apache Cassandra database, the CQL query language, Project Cassandra, or Project Cassandra (literature).
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What comes after

Why "Cassy"?

Oil painting on canvas of ‘Cassandra of Troy’ detail, circa 1800s.
Oil painting on canvas of ‘Cassandra of Troy’, circa 1800s.

Cassandra is an ancient Greek figure who foretold great doom, yet no one believed her, though tragically she was always correct.

"Cassandra is a mouthful, Cassy is better," said /u/AmericanMuskrat, unfairly banished (and restored), exemplifying the need to evolve beyond the limitations of SaidIt. The shorter name is also reflective of the Lemmy platform, a federated decentralized Reddit-like forum.

Current SaidIt issues

SaidIt was a news aggregation forum for truth-seeking and free-thinking, but its issues have festered as a refuge for those banned from Reddit (good, bad, and ugly), and the stagnant, uninspired, and absent management has allowed the site to forum-slide into nasty chaos on par with Voat, Poal, and 4Chan.

Current Cassy priorities

1) Discuss ethical social management ideas: goals, manifestos, fair forums, rules, community guidelines, protocols template sets, access, anonymity, security, self-regulation, defense against spam, sealioning, & STABs (shills, trolls, & bots), backups, public relations strategies, priorities, to-do-lists, etc.

2) Discuss decentralized/distributed platform/client options and their pros and cons.

3) Discuss set up, trouble shooting, technical issues, assistance, administration, moderation, etc + customising the flow, form (GUI), and functionality.

4) Discuss anon solutions. All things related to being anonymous (or not), building bonds, and maintaining trust with reasonable cyber-hygiene security precautions - without giving anything away.

We hope SaidIt, other forums, & developers might freely chime in &/or adopt some of these open good ideas from these hopeful & wishful discussions to improve life & liberty & fairness.

Help plan our next steps beyond SaidIt.

Cassy is for discussing decentralized forum/fora options, federation vs distribution, & planning our community's next steps.

We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions.

/s/Cassy should not be confused with the vapourware development in /s/PhoenixForum for dreaming our hypothetical our next-generation forum's ideals, form, & functions.

Cassandra Team projects in development

☑ Cassandra indie server

☑ VPS Virtual Private Server


To develop self-management concepts for SaidIt, Cassy, and any social media platform.


LarrySwinger2's phpBB.
Projex.Wiki is an open local and global organizing resource that anyone (but bots) may join to improve.


A MediaWiki for any kind of project akin to /s/LeverMind Variety Show will be the first big project. /s/GlossedAndProfound, the second big project, is a production management cooperative to manage global online projects.

Invite only Movim community private sub, consisting primarily Canadians in a "small fringe minority with unacceptable views."

FOTPACHIES community management

Fair, Open, Transparent, Peaceful, Accountable, Consistent, Honest, Inclusive, Ethical, Social community management - for everything from social media to cooperatives to resistance organizing to government.

https://GiraffeIdeas.Wiki : active offline

Windsor-based production cooperative & backup wiki.


A Lemmy instance that is self-regulated by the community.
A Reddit-like news aggregation forum, for civilized, serious, elevated discourse.


A Lemmy instance that is self-regulated by the community.
A Reddit-like news aggregation forum, for free speech and fun.

A Lemmy instance that is self-regulated by the community.
A Reddit-like news aggregation forum, for civilized, serious, elevated discourse.


A PeerTube instance like /s/DownTheMemoryHole.

Potential other FLOSS projects

  • alternative protocols to the Internet
    • bittorrent & webtorrent
    • IPFS
    • sharding
    • TOR portal
  • cryptocurrency
  • DIY Tutorials
    1. Plug-n-Play
    2. Beginner
    3. Advanced
    4. Expert
  • open-source search engine(s)
    • focused on truth-seeking and content being censored
    • Searx
    • YaCy - decentralized search engine
  • open-source VPN (virtual private network)
  • other platforms
  • video chat server
  • web-scrape archive - for our forums' links
  • web store
  • more

Related subSaidIts is an uncensored Reddit-like aggregation news and debate forum for free-thinking and truth-seeking.

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