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Due to bot spamming, please ask for a user account from "MJasonCarswell" via "".
Support Projex.Wiki and uncensored independent alternatives via Jason Carswell with ca$h or Bitcoin: 1DqcTPZUDMP9i3jDWEEnFncQe1SQnwpyJs Other donation options, full transparency, new platforms, and more online resources coming soon.
This page will be updated as this process evolves.

Projects are still very welcome at Projex.Wiki, still free to all, but due to problematic bot spamming, the open registration is now limited to request or invitation only.
Please request an account to be able to edit by emailing "MJasonCarswell" with "Projex.Wiki" in the title, and maybe share a bit about your projects.
Reach out if your content or user account has been mistakenly batch-deleted or blocked to have it restored.

Introduce yourself and request an account

  1. Briefly introduce yourself to "MJasonCarswell" by way of "", or in person if you're in Windsor, Ontario.
  2. Provide the username(s) that you would like.
    • NameOfUser
    • Name Of User
    • nameofuser
    • Nonsense Alias
  3. Do NOT provide a password.
    A basic temporary password will be given to you.
    Once logged in you may customize your new password.
  4. Anticipate a response.

Your new account

The new account information you will receive...

User: NameOfUser

Pass: Secret

Once logged in, in the top right corner you have options, including "Preferences", where you may change your password.

As on other wikis

Your public personal vanity page: https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/User:NameOfUser

Only you should edit your page, otherwise whoever else is doing so is beyond rude, unless they have your permission.

People may communicate with you via your public talk page: https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/User_talk:NameOfUser

How to edit a wiki page

MediaWiki permissions

Some day soon we'll learn about MediaWiki permissions and privacy settings so we can set up private groups and limited access to content that is not meant for public consumption. MediaWiki is the platform software that runs Projex.Wiki, Wikipedia, WikiSpooks, InfoGalactic, etc.


Because Projex.Wiki is for projects, not an encyclopedia, I recommend requesting to join where we can work on encyclopedic articles and stubs that would be censored on Wikipedia. I've recently worked on many pages there: Trudeau, Poilievre, Bernier, New Blue, List of ways to rig elections, Canadian politics, Canadian political parties, Vaccines, Chris Sky, etc etc etc. Also, is a conservative/neutral encyclopedia originally mirrored from Wikipedia forked to become uncensored and free. As all things do, and like Projex.Wiki, both have their limitations and issues, and need help to become better.