2023-03-03 Open letter to the Direct Democracy Party of Canada

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Direct Democracy Party of Canada logo.



To the Direct Democracy Party Of Canada, Toronto, Canada

I'd like to introduce myself, Jason Carswell, a graphic designer, computer animator, filmmaker, and general creative director/producer, among other skill sets, now focused on free-thinking, truth-seeking, prepping, and fighting for freedom in Windsor, Ontario. I was skeptical and aware well before COVID, and active globally online, and locally. I volunteer and support independents and fringe party campaigns, including last year's David Sylvestre of the None Of The Above Party, which I'm happy to hear is joining and finally allowed to rebrand as the Direct Democracy Party. (The NOTA Party was not very prepared nor organized last year. Neither was the PPC two years ago.)

It's important to have a unified aesthetic for strong branding, as well some consistent messaging and stances on issues (even if only "direct democracy is better than the alternative lesser evils", or "better to vote for something good than against someone evil") that should be conveyed by all DDP candidates across all media.

If you haven't already, I propose we begin openly crowd-sourcing campaign elements into a visual style guide or "branding design bible" along with a marketing guide for candidates across Canada to most effectively set up and create their own campaigns and media consistent with a national aesthetic (websites, flyers, videos, memes, etc.) providing pre-designed plug-and-play templates and/or a framework within which they may custom make original content. My young http://Projex.Wiki is a powerful platform to work on, but this project need not be hosted there. Projex.Wiki might be a good place to start, develop, and work out the kinks, and then we may mirror the final results on the DDP site and/or other places.

It's in our best regional, provincial, and national interests to develop and share asymmetric strategies to fight the entrenched powers, but we also must realistically determine where the best chances of winning are to focus resources to penetrate to victory there - along with a clear action plan for candidates to follow once elected.

Please share my contact information with whoever you deem appropriate, and please pass it on to the None Of The Above folks too if they aren't the same.

Stay free,
~ Jason

Jason Carswell
237 Pillette Road
Windsor, ON N8Y 3B1
Hosting: http://Projex.Wiki, and other decentralized platforms coming eventually.
Active on: http://SaidIt.net, http://WikiSpooks.com
Facebook: "Jason 'Sunshine' Carswell" (I've avoided FB for about a year but will soon return for a variety of reasons and groups.)

P.S. In my opinion, the tyranny of "mob rule" is certainly preferable to the exploitative tyranny and genocides of the ruling classes.

P.P.S. Is there any chance we could have an open contest with ranked choice voting for improvements to the Direct Democracy Party logo (and branding)?