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Hey Freedom Fam!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: In these crazy times we need to nurture our minds, bodies and spirits. With all the negative energy being aimed directly at us from the media, misinformed people, and even our own family... we need a way to be able to shake off those bad vibes and come into our own personal energy. We are realizing now more than ever how powerful we are as individuals which is why the established powers that (shouldn’t) be have ramped up the full on spiritual assault going on right now against us.

Reiki is a way to heal ourselves and cast out that bad energy.

Join us on Thursday, January 20 at 7:30 pm for a complimentary introductory Reiki Session with Practitioner Robert Meloche!

Learn how to deal more effectively and protect yourself from the onslaught of bad energy coming our way all day long. Learn how to separate the energy of others from your own so you can embrace who you are and your own path more distinctly.

There will be five massage tables and a zero gravity chair so don’t be shy... Come on down and give it a try!

This session will be directly after the Yoga Classes & Smoothies with Coco so come down and treat yourself to a day of holistic healing and joy!

Hope to see you there!

~ Rob, January 17, 2022

Call Robert Meloche at 519.796.6216 for more information about the Reiki Session.

The Green Room Organization of Windsor (also known as G.R.O.W.) is a freedom-minded social activity community center in Windsor, Ontario.

Call Rob at 519.919.8687 for more information about G.R.O.W. or leave a message on his User talk:Bobby D page (and hope he finds it).