Green Room Organization of Windsor

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Chalk drawings on the blackboard wall entrance at G.R.O.W..
Not to be confused with the lockdown-destroyed out-of-business The Green Room lounge/club on Pit Street, downtown Windsor, Ontario.

The Green Room Organization of Windsor (also known as G.R.O.W.) is a freedom-minded social activity community center in Windsor, Ontario.

Call Rob at 519.919.8687 for more information about G.R.O.W. or leave a message on his User talk:Bobby D page (and hope he finds it).

Regular Weekly Schedule

The billiard tables are being prepared for the Speakeasy Fundraiser.
The Green Room, from the back, prepared for the Speakeasy Fundraiser.

This schedule system is new, so things may evolve here for a while until stable and steady.


  • pending
  • 5:00pm occupied


  • pending


4 billiards tables
chess, checkers
uker, card games
video games


Hosted by a professional yoga teacher



  • (2:00pm Windsor Freedom Rally (or small meeting in poor weather) is still always held weekly at the Great Canadian Flag, downtown Windsor, NOT at the Green Room.)


Hosted by Pastor Alin Patularu

Upcoming special events


The piano was decorated for the Speakeasy Fundraiser.

Please, add your Green Room project ideas below. This is an interactive community center and your participation is valued. Good, bad, and ugly ideas are all potentially useful. Even ugly ideas may warn, evolve, or inspire into great or even terrific ideas. This is a safe-space for brainstorming.

If you like any of these ideas

  1. Let Rob know of your interest
  2. Reach out to your communities, find like-minded people, and raise support
  3. Find the people/person to lead/teach and ask them to draft up plans/curricula

Calendar ideas

Num Image Name Date
1 N/A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Mon, Jan 17, 2022
2 N/A Groundhog Day movie marathon Wed, Feb 2, 2022
3 N/A Valentine's Singles' Awareness Day Mon, Feb 14, 2022
4 N/A St. Patrick's Luck O' The Free Day Thu, Mar 17, 2022
5 N/A April Fools Day Fri, Apr 1, 2022
6 N/A May Day Sun, May 1, 2022
7 N/A Canada Day Fri, Jul 1, 2022
8 N/A USA Independence Day Mon, Jul 4, 2022
9 N/A Bastille Day Thu, Jul 14, 2022


Day or night ideas

  • Craft Day
  • Documentary Night


  1. invite experts to debate, then
  2. invite "leaders" to debate (Windsor City Hall, hospital administrators, etc.)
  3. campaign & promote invitations in our communities, social media, and corporate media
  4. ridicule no-shows
  5. escalate pressure

Fundraisers and charity

A "Ladies Book Club Meeting (Most definitely not a speakeasy.)" sign for the Speakeasy Fundraiser.
A 50/50 draw sign for the Speakeasy Fundraiser.



Markets and sales

Previous events

On 2021-12-18, the Speakeasy Fundraiser for the Adamson BBQ Legal Fund was held at G.R.O.W. The prior week up to the event our community pitched in for the herculean task of painting the 105'x10' walls, ceilings, and bathrooms - and decorated, prepared, hosted, and cleaned up the party of the year.

On 2022-01-19 was a 7:30pm onward Reiki Session, hosted by Robert Meloche.

On 2022-01-23 was a 7:00pm onward special Sunday Truckers Support Mingle Night to kick off the whole week long protest and convoy to Ottawa.

On 2022-02-29 was a 2:00pm onward Saturday rally and Truckers Support Mingle Night.