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This whiteboard has two sides and is portable on wheels.
Chromacolour portable animation table.
A standard 4x3 animation field guide.
Sketch of an animation peg bar, and measurements of the three common types.
Book cover of Cartoon Animation (1994) by Preston Blair is the best reference for animators.
Book cover of Understanding Comics.
Book cover of Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life.
The three best screenwriting books: The Anatomy of Story, Save The Cat!, Story.
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Shopping list for the Windsor Media Centre animation classes, starting in September 2023.


  • White boards, ideally two or more, portable and flip-able (two-sided).
When not used by teachers, other uses include:
  • communicate, brainstorm ideas, problem solve
  • display art, information, storyboards
  • light/sound reflect or shade/baffle (and/or cover in black/padding)
  • message board
  • Dry-erase markers of various colours and shades


  • Camera on tripod (aimed at teacher's animation desk)
  • Large monitor and/or projector
  • Laptop

Desks, pegs, and paper

  • 12-Field Classical Paper/Cel Animation Desks & Disks, light boxes, and adjustable height
    10 x $340 "perfect" or $290 "almost perfect"
    From their site:
    Vancouver, BC

Total: $3400 USD (+ taxes + shipping) for 10 desks

Total : $611 USD (+ taxes and shipping) for animation gear for 10 students

Tools and supplies

Total: $576 USD/CAD (+ taxes and shipping) for animation supplies for 10 students

Total: $??? (+ taxes and shipping) for unpriced animation supplies for 10 students

5 x 3 Animation Books

  1. Cartoon Animation (1994) ~ Preston Blair
    5 x $23 to $69
  2. Understanding Comics (1993) ~ Scott McCloud
    5 x $29 to $59
  3. Animation: The Basic Principles ~ Brain Lemay
    5 x $45

Total: $865 CAD (+ taxes and shipping) for 5 sets of 3 books

Reference Books

Get 1 (or more?) of:

  1. Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
  2. Film Directing: Shot by Shot - 25th Anniversary Edition: Visualizing from Concept to Screen Paperback ~ Steve D. Katz
  3. Save The Cat: The Last Book On Screenwriting That You'll Ever Need! ~ Blake Snyder
  4. Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting ~ Robert McKee
  5. The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller ~ John Truby

Total: $??? (+ taxes and shipping) for unpriced books

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