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Windsor Media Centre animation classes

Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts

664 Victoria Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Official site:
Facebook: @WindsorFilmCentre
Instagram: @WindsorFilmCentre
DuckDuckGo: Windsor Film Centre

Classes, seminars, and more:

First animation classes

The first animation classes start in September, 2023, taught by Jason Carswell.

This Open Curricula Projects 2D Animation 9-Day Class presents an introductory crash course on the fundamentals of animation, traditional animation on paper (cels), traditional animation on computers, design-in-motion and design-over-time, compositing, editing, etc. A particular focus will be on pragmatically preparing students for production and the job placements that may follow the 9-day class. Therefore less emphasis will be on the theory, homework, and practice exercises necessary to build stronger skills.

9 days over 3 weeks:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays - 9 am to 4:30 pm
4,5,6 | 11,12,13 | 18,19,20 of September, 2023.
  • Class size of ONLY 10-15 students.
  • FREE classes for unemployed or under-employed folks.
  • Unemployed or under-employed prioritized over employed.
  • Employed students pay $270.

Week 1: 2D animation on paper

Week 2: 2D animation on computers

Week 3: 2D animation post production


After the 9-day class students may get work-placements in local businesses to earn money (for a limited duration), gain experience, and create portfolio content.

Suggestions welcome

If you know of anyone who would like some free basic animation work (see example animations below) and/or would like to test-hire some animation talent.

Please contact Jason Carswell for more information. Animation work-placements are paid by government grants.

Animation concepts may include:

  • Animated promotions
    • May include: character bits, flying logos, "live" logos, memes, network bugs, rotoscoping (tracing/tracking live-action), skits, show elements, titles/credits, video intros/outros, web ads, etc.
    • For various Windsor individuals, groups, or animation-related businesses.
  • Animated shorts
    • May be a series.
    • May be a singular piece.
    • May be simple or complex.
    • May explain concepts, critical issues, problems, promotions, and/or solutions.
    • May may be entertaining or serious.
    • May tell a story (or not).

Animation-related fields may include:

Work-placements may take place in these production work environments:

2D production, 3D production, advertisements/commercials (and public service announcements), audio/music engineering/production, branding and marketing development (logos, etc.), character design and animation, documentaries, event videos (festivals, protests, weddings, etc.), feature films, game development, imagery/photography, industrial videos, memes, music videos, podcasts (audio/radio/video), press, shorts, visual poetry (art films), web ads, web design, web site clients, etc.

Non-animation-related fields may include:

Some local folks or groups may like animation but won't have facilities to host even a temporary employee. Jason Carswell will run the Giraffe Ideas Creative Studio to provide that service to folks.

  • Activists
  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Cautions (ie. evils of 15 Minute Cities, A.I., CBDCs, etc.)
  • Educators (schools, pods, etc.)
  • Event organizers
  • Indie/Local arts/media
  • Newspapers
  • Podcasters, Facebookers, shows, YouTubers
  • Societies
  • Web sites

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