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There's also a ◎ FILMMAKING Unseen ◎ YouTube playlist with unseen content that may or may not be noteworthy.
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A good story told well is absolutely and fundamentally the most important aspect of almost every movie. Nothing can save the most beautiful movie from terrible storytelling.

The Story Circle - You, Need, Go, Search for something, Find it, Take it, Return, Changed.


Filmmaking books

  • Film Directing: Shot by Shot - 25th Anniversary Edition: Visualizing from Concept to Screen Paperback ~ Steve D. Katz
    Available on Amazon.


" The so-called Story Circle [aka The Embryo] is my attempt to remove all of the hard and repeated work from the task of breaking a story. We do an eight-step story process here. I call it an embryo. 1) You've got a character that you can identify with 2) that has some kind of need/wish/incompletion. 3) [It] causes them to go across a threshold where the story changes direction. 4) They go down a road of trials, searching for something. 5) They find it, whether they like it or not. 6) It kind of kicks their ass, 7) and they come back to the world they started in, 8) having changed. - You, Need, Go, Search for something, Find it, Take it, Return, Changed. " ~ Dan Harmon, co-creator of Rick and Morty

The three best screenwriting books: The Anatomy of Story, Save The Cat!, Story.
Film festivals.

Screenwriting books

The three best books covering the fundamentals of screenwriting and storytelling for filmmaking:

The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller ~ John Truby

Save The Cat: The Last Book On Screenwriting That You'll Ever Need! ~ Blake Snyder

Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting ~ Robert McKee


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