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Anitque National television.
The Fringe Majority demands to be heard.

A logline (aka elevator pitch) is a one or two line plot summary:

The Maple Fringe Majority television series consists of reflections from diverse free-thinkers and truth-seekers from Windsor and Essex County who've formed freedom and prepper communities, sharing political analysis and critical insights on local, national, and global issues, while showing how to organize, take action, find alternatives, and spread solutions to improve our communities, region, Canada, and our planet Earth to better resist, survive, and thrive in the face of the undemocratic monopolistic tyrannical new world order threatening our freedoms and futures.

First pitch

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In the face-to-face with John Buffone it was agreed that an authentic documentary format is preferable to dramatizations (and easier). Thus, I've focused on that premise and expanded it further here.


The name "Maple Fringe Majority" holds several layers of meaning:

  • Justin Trudeau pejoratively called resistance to his WEF tyranny the "fringe minority".
  • Much speculation abounds whether "the fringe" are a minority or actually a majority.
  • The fringe has embraced "fringe minority" label with pride and made it their own.
  • Canada's peaceful resistance movement inspired respect across the world, thus rather than "Canadian" the universal "Maple" is more inclusive of all humanity.
  • Jason Carswell is already squatting on and related sites, originally intended to become a federated decentralized forum/chat instance of Movim, as an alternative to the technocracy surveillance, control, and exploitation platforms of Facebook/Messenger. However, setting up such a platform securely with trusted admins is more difficult than one might imagine. Fortunately, Jason's expertise is in media production, not social medial administration.

Episode rundown

Here is a loose proposed episode rundown and format that, not necessarily in this order, among other things, may include:

  1. opening hook, dramatic clip or profound idea from within
  2. short animated credits (by animator Jason Carswell)
  3. folks introductions
  4. folks' background stories
  5. folks share their motivations
  6. folks' introductions to issues
  7. folks interviewed on location (ie. farmer's opinions from a farmer while farming)
  8. explanatory mini-documentaries for historical context (maybe use clips with permission)
  9. short current events clips
  10. folks explain the official narrative claims, currently and for the future
  11. folks expose the lies, historically, currently, and what will actually happen
  12. folks delve deeper on the issues
  13. if the episode starts with seemingly unrelated topics eventually they'll intersect with much in common
  14. folks discuss alternatives
  15. folks share solutions
  16. folks share plans, hopes, and dreams for the future
  17. motivational conclusion (ie. heartwarming scene, quote, rant, etc.)
  18. closing animated credits
  19. sponsors, if applicable
  20. Easter egg ending

Series production

First timer

These initial concepts will be revised and evolve. Despite the lack of series production experience, with robust professional experience in animation, live-action art direction, and event production, a first effort presented here begins the organizing, development, and production process.

Format and reasons

Below, under the schedule section, is ongoing legislation and regulation, the unceasing vehicles of government overreach, the very antagonist origins that inspires this television series pitch. This is at the top of the list of anything external to potentially initiate changes to production plans, so we should always keep this in mind, flexibly prepared for detours with backup strategies.

Also listed below are over two dozen critical themes, with the endless potential of countless other problematic issues in need of mass awareness. Further, there's no end to the combinations, intermixing, and overlapping of those topics affecting humanity. (Akin to how musical genres can overlap in unexpected fusions.) A lack of content is not a problem - focus is.

A large group of people + a large number of topics = flexibility to focus on specific folks in some episodes, or bounce between many. Some folks may have opinions on everything, stick to their fields of expertise, or range between.


Showrunner, Jason Carswell, is an intensely passionate advocate for FOEPATCHISM inclusive ethical social and project management. (Fair, Open, Ethical, Peaceful, Accountable, Transparent, Consistent, Honest, Inclusive, Social, Management) This includes actively promoting the open-source movement, crowd-sourcing, decentralizing all things, copyleft activism, self-reliance, sustainability, agorism, voluntaryism, etc. Therefore, it would be hypocritical to not try to develop this series openly and inclusively*, on Projex.Wiki and/or via other communications. This would include budgets, planning, schedules, and of course the final product. Open book policy.

* Inclusively means anyone is not just passively allowed but encouraged to join and openly participate constructively (rather than the woke meaning of racist forced diversity). Aside from negative activity (which may require clear definitions) we won't discriminate for any reasons, though we may be forced to use closed/private communications.

Ideally, after the series has met its contractual obligations with TV1, the episodes, raw video utilized, and additional unused recordings might be shared copyright-free, made freely available for sharing, researching, archiving, and for anyone (ie. Windsor Media Center and Internet students) to edit with as they see fit. Hopefully folks might be inspired to create fan edits, documentaries, feature films, or crowd-source similar supplemental content from beyond Windsor and Essex County for broader contextual understanding of these critical issues.



An accurate, reasonable budget and schedule will require consulting with experienced professionals. Nonetheless, this is just a foundational catalyst for discussion and development. These initial guesstimates may be general averages, understanding learning curve and startup pace should improve, and some episodes may be easier than others - unless ambitions and complexities grow with experience. Naturally, as in animation studios that produce television commercials, one project is starting, another is underway, and one is wrapping up - so I'd expect episode overlapping. Especially if some stories and circumstances develop across months.

Some episodes will take much longer than a week and some much less, but this is a start to work from.

  1. 8x pre-production
  2. 8x shooting
  3. 8x rough edit
  4. 8x tweaked edit
  5. 8x post-production
  6. 8x finalizing
= 48 "weeks"
plus : animated intro, branding, and graphic design

8 episodes x 20-25 minutes + 1 year seems plausible to result in 160 to 200 minutes of documentary journalism, with an abundance of potential for many more seasons/years.

Ongoing legislation and regulation

Regardless of the number of episodes or the season's length, a common documentary filmmaker's issue is a question of when to conclude documenting and investigating. Because this proposal is a glimpse into Windsor and Essex County culture, it's not about a singular issue. That doesn't mean we shouldn't plan around topical episodes or have deadlines. Whether a Canadian bill has passed, or is yet to pass, won't much change opinions or insights about it. More importantly, keeping tabs on what bills are coming up, or were recently passed, can be an integral focus and critical aspect to consider for scheduling and interviewing - and follow-up re-interviewing.


Jason Carswell can confidently wear many hats (producer, creative director, screenwriter, production manager, storyboarder, editor, animation director, animation supervisor, animator, graphic designer, art director, etc.), alone, but would prefer to lead a small tight capable team, recognizing his limitations and inexperience as live-action director, camera operator, sound recorder, sound engineer, interviewer, performer, music composer, with vanities (hair, makeup, wardrobe), etc.

Resources to verify:

☐ TV1 budget covers art department expenses (costuming, props, sets, etc.) - inapplicable to this pitch
☐ TV1 lends all camera, lighting, audio gear, and backup media
☐ TV1 budget covers cast (actors) - inapplicable to this pitch
☐ TV1 budget covers crew (camera men, sound, vanities, etc)
☐ TV1 budget covers post-production workstations (editing, animation, backup media, etc)
☐ TV1 budget covers editors, music, sound engineering, post-production
☐ TV1 budget covers promotional website?, design?, social media?

Resources to request:

☐ compensation sufficient for professional filmmaker and showrunner Jason Carswell
☐ for development and pre-production (treatments, screenwriting, production management, producing, etc.)
☐ for production, producing, and creative direction
☐ for post-production (editing, animation, promotion, social media, etc.)

The only critically urgent demands are for immediate production expenses, a pittance to live on, and transportation - however we must also prepare for a few wild cards that may come up. Government overreach is a massive problem, and productions like this may face censorship, sabotage, or worse. Unprecedented medical tyranny, unscientific lockdowns, and intentional economic collapse loom over every endeavour on Earth. Leviathan corporations like Bell Media are problematically participants of the corporatocracy. Contrastingly, Bell Media might offer refuge from potential problems. No matter how eager to be flexible for this opportunity, eroded trust remains hard won in this climate - so as much as offering delayed gratification might have once been a viable negotiation tool, the world has changed too much. Unlike a capitalist studio with tight budgets, I doubt government-funded Bell Media would care too much about such tactics anyway. Regardless, a good production is ultimately what really matters.



An accurate, reasonable budget and schedule will require consulting with experienced professionals.

Topical episodes

Episodes may be presented chronologically, organically, thematically, topically, in another manner, or hybrid combinations. To be discussed and determined.

Foci, issues, themes, topics:

  1. accountability & corruption
  2. autonomy & ethics
  3. censorship & communications
  4. children & education
  5. climate vs environment
  6. communities & organizing
  7. current events & historical precedents
  8. economics & alternatives
  9. employment & unions
  10. faith & philosophy
  11. gardening/farming & food crises
  12. health/wellness & housing
  13. lawful vs legal
  14. medical freedom
  15. mental health & sickcare
  16. mobility & transportation
  17. occasional notable guests
  18. networking
  19. perpetual class war & depopulation
  20. political problems & alternatives
  21. prepping & surviving
  22. propaganda & psychological operations
  23. surveillance & technology
  24. the future of humanity
  25. U.N. Agenda 21 & the Great Reset
  26. voluntarism & voluntaryism
  27. weaponized consumer culture

Outlines, synopses, and/or treatments may be drafted for each episode.

It's very worth noting, that the showrunner, Jason Carswell, has been intensely researching the corruption of the levers of power for over a decade. From a basic understanding at the very least, to expertise on many matters, for each episode above he can draw from his documented efforts to study and share (aggregated in countless topical forum sub-SaidIt feeds) with free-thinking and truth-seeking communities online globally and locally. In addition to these vast online resources he can crowdsource and recruit research assistance, ideas, talent, and critical feedback from these communities.

Full disclosure

This page and these projects may seem overly obvious, self explanatory, excessively linked, etc. Not only are these pages for TV1 producers, but they're illustrative of projects that anyone may create on Projex.Wiki, and might develop into suitable teaching tools for the Windsor Media Center and beyond.

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