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Truth In Advertising.
Screenshot from Truth In Advertising.
Screenshot from Truth In Advertising.

A logline (aka elevator pitch) is a one or two line plot summary:

Inspired by the Truth in Advertising short film by Tim Hamilton, this Truth In Topics (working title) satirical television comedy series critically deconstructs existing realities, conceptions, and misconceptions with a non-partisan deep understanding of the topics at hand.

Similarly, the opening credits are inspired by Message From Our Sponsor by Jello Biafra.

With initial concept approval, further initial development is required to intentionally deviate from these two inspirational references with suitably reworked variations to avoid potential copyright issues.

First pitch

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In the face-to-face with John Buffone, he seemed eager to see outlines for two of my many ideas. This third idea was arrived upon shortly after.


The name, Truth In Topics, should be improved upon.


Truth in Advertising, by Tim Hamilton

Inspired by this short film, the series' content would change topics in each episode.

Truth in Advertising (12:06), directed by Tim Hamilton

See also:

Message From Our Sponsor, by Jello Biafra

Inspired by this short spoken word recording the opening credits would be similar, featuring a live-action montage of local Windsor folks and/or animation by Jason Carswell.

Message From Our Sponsor (2:58), by Jello Biafra, from the 1987 album, No More Cocoons.

The original was much better than the "updated" 2020 version:
Jello Biafra - Message From Our Sponsor 2020 (4:30) ~ alternativetentacles, 2020-03-13

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Outlines, synopses, treatments, and/or scripts may be drafted for each episode.

At present (March 2023) Jason Carswell is hesitant to develop this new premise without encouragement.

Episode rundown

Here is a loose proposed episode rundown and format that, not necessarily in this order, among other things, may include:

  1. opening credits (by animator Jason Carswell)
  2. stuff
  3. stuff
  4. stuff
  5. stuff
  6. closing credits
  7. sponsors, if applicable
  8. Easter egg ending

Episode titles

More coming.

Potential Truth in Topics (working title) episode titles:

  1. Truth in Elections
  2. Truth in Freedom Fighting
  3. Truth in Free Speech
  4. Truth in Healthcare
  5. Truth in New Age
  6. Truth in New World Order
  7. Truth in Politics
  8. Truth in Prepping
  9. Truth in Propaganda
  10. Truth in Protesting
  11. Truth in Truth Movements
  12. Truth in Volunteering
  13. Truth in War Mongering
  14. Truth in Windsor
  15. Truth in Woke Culture

Series production

First timer

These initial concepts will be revised and evolve. Despite the lack of series production experience, with robust professional experience in animation, live-action art direction, and event production, a first effort presented here begins the organizing, development, and production process.

Format and reasons

More coming.

At present, 10 or 12 episodes of about 10 minutes (plus credits), would add up to 100 to 120 minutes.

Each episode could draw from the same small pool of actors in different roles and scenarios, or each episode could draw all new actors. A third option is a mixture of regulars and guest roles. Some of the many pros and cons for practical production and/or entertainment value could be listed here for each option if requested. If nothing else, the opening credits should be consistently familiar.


Crowdsourcing amateurs and professional talent locally from Windsor would be prioritized first, but actors from further afield may be needed.


Showrunner, Jason Carswell, is an intensely passionate advocate for FOEPATCHISM inclusive ethical social and project management. (Fair, Open, Ethical, Peaceful, Accountable, Transparent, Consistent, Honest, Inclusive, Social, Management) This includes actively promoting the open-source movement, crowd-sourcing, decentralizing all things, copyleft activism, self-reliance, sustainability, agorism, voluntaryism, etc. Therefore, it would be hypocritical to not try to develop this series openly and inclusively*, on Projex.Wiki and/or via other communications. This would include budgets, planning, schedules, and of course the final product. Open book policy.

* Inclusively means anyone is not just passively allowed but encouraged to join and openly participate constructively (rather than the woke meaning of racist forced diversity). Aside from negative activity (which may require clear definitions) we won't discriminate for any reasons, though we may be forced to use closed/private communications.

Ideally, after the series has met its contractual obligations with TV1, the episodes, raw video utilized, and additional unused recordings might be shared copyright-free, made freely available for sharing, researching, archiving, and for anyone (ie. Windsor Media Center and Internet students) to edit with as they see fit. Hopefully folks might be inspired to create fan edits, feature films, or documentaries with supplemental content.


More coming.

An accurate, reasonable budget and schedule will require consulting with experienced professionals.


Jason Carswell can confidently wear many hats (producer, creative director, screenwriter, production manager, storyboarder, editor, animation director, animation supervisor, animator, graphic designer, art director, etc.), alone, but would prefer to lead a small tight capable team, recognizing his limitations and inexperience as live-action director, camera operator, sound recorder, sound engineer, interviewer, performer, music composer, with vanities (hair, makeup, wardrobe), etc.

On Truth In Topics, Jason is interested in writing, storyboarding, producing, casting, production management, creative direction, art direction, editing, post-production, etc., but is not interested in performance-related jobs like live-action directing, acting, etc. and would leave that to those with more expertise in hopes of better results.

Resources to verify:

☐ TV1 budget covers art department expenses (costuming, props, sets, etc.)
☐ TV1 lends all camera, lighting, and audio gear
☐ TV1 budget covers cast (actors)
☐ TV1 budget covers crew (camera men, sound, vanities, etc)
☐ TV1 budget covers post-production workstations (editing, animation, etc)
☐ TV1 budget covers editors, music, sound engineering, post-production
☐ TV1 budget covers promotional website?, design?, social media?

Resources to request:

☐ compensation sufficient for professional filmmaker and showrunner Jason Carswell
☐ for development and pre-production (treatments, screenwriting, production management, producing, etc.)
☐ for production, producing, and creative direction
☐ for post-production (editing, animation, promotion, social media, etc.)


More coming.

An accurate, reasonable budget and schedule will require consulting with experienced professionals.

Full disclosure

This page and these projects may seem overly obvious, self explanatory, excessively linked, etc. Not only are these pages for TV1 producers, but they're illustrative of projects that anyone may create on Projex.Wiki, and might develop into suitable teaching tools for the Windsor Media Center and beyond.

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