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Mass Awakening is an independent short video project, currently - in production development independent video production project

At a Wednesday night meeting at the Green Room, in Windsor, Ontario, Doctor Priest, demonstrates a sample performance from Mass Awakening, a 15 minute screenplay written and performed by Mike McCourt, that will be video recorded in April. Zack was in the mask and Don volunteered to be saved. Jason Carswell didn't use a tripod to record this rough footage, but will do much better for the actual project shoot.

Demo skit

At a Wednesday night meeting at the Green Room, in Windsor, Ontario, Doctor Priest (Mike McCourt), demonstrates a sample performance from Mass Awakening. Find the video linked on 2023-03-01 Doctor Priest sample performance from Mass Awakening.

Production project description and goals

More coming soon.

Production development

More coming soon.
☐ organizing management
☐ budgeting
☐ fundraising?


☐ branding & guide
☐ flyer designs
☐ general project outline/description
☐ cast & crew call
☐ seeking volunteers
☐ seeking support
☐ merchandise
☐ announce release
☐ Projex.Wiki article
☐ share/mirror on WikiSpooks, InfoGalactic,, etc
☐ community meetings, email, social media
☐ press release for corporate media

Production planning

More coming soon.


More coming soon.

Outreach to find cast, crew, recruit volunteers, and secure gear and resources.

☐ platforms
☐ community meetings
☐ direct emails
☐ social media
WEFringe group email lists
WindsorMedia group email lists Windsor Media Center / Windsor Film & Arts Center
☐ secure
☐ cast
☐ crew
☐ gear
☐ resources
☐ recruit volunteers
☐ wrangle volunteers

Art department

More coming soon.
☐ costumes
☐ props


More coming soon.
☑ Doctor Priest: Mike McCourt
☐ Child:
☐ Background actors:

Craft services

More coming soon.
☐ who:?
☐ table:?
☐ budget:?
☐ items:?


More coming soon.
☑ Director: Mike McCourt
☑ Co-producers: Mike McCourt & Jason Carswell
☑ Screenwriter: Mike McCourt
☑ Location scout: Mike McCourt
☐ Vanities (hair/makeup/wardrobe):
☐ Costumes: Mike McCourt
☐ Camera operators: Jason Carswell, Marty?, Vincent?, Pete?, ...
☐ Drone camera operators:
☐ Lighting:
☐ Art department: Mike McCourt & Jason Carswell
☐ Prop master:
☑ Graphic design: Jason Carswell
☐ Craft services:
☐ Music: Rob Chiarenza


More coming soon.
☐ Cameras:
☐ Drone cameras:
☐ Tripods:
☐ Lights:
☐ Shades:
☐ Reflectors:
☐ Generator/power:
☐ Extension cords:


☐ specific address
☑ Belle River

Shoot schedule

More coming soon.

Shot lists


More coming soon.

This open-source video project has a few temporary conditions.


Support details coming soon.


See also: Decentralized alternatives.
☐ Establish local network for cash donations.
☐ Establish post reception plan.
☐ Establish social media public relations.
☐ Set up cryptocurrency wallets.
☐ Set up Patreon, SubscribeStar, etc.


Merchandise details coming soon.
☐ Research and determine best online self-printed merchandise.
☐ Set up online web-store.
☐ Promote merch.

Branding guide

Branding guide details coming soon.

Mass Awakening article

More coming soon.


More coming soon.

☐ Update categories