Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-01-22

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World Wide Rally For Freedom
Walking Winton's dog, these two flyers/stickers were found crumpled up in the woods in Windsor's Ojibway Park on Thursday, January 20, 2022. As co-organizers of the rally, Winton and Jason are perplexed to have found the flyers/stickers, knowing nothing of their origin, who designed them, who printed them, why they are stickers, and who crumpled them and tossed them in the forest.

The Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-01-22 took place beside the Great Canadian Flag in the park beside the Detroit River in the center of downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada on January 22, 2022.

Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-01-22
Saturdays 2pm, weekly.
At the riverfront Great Canadian Flag,
Dieppe Garden,
Ouellette Ave. & Riverside Dr.,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
The rallies vary in size, and usually we aim to have one large rally each month, along with countless other Freedom Rallies around the World, simultaneously.
The 22nd will be one of the big Windsor Freedom Rallies, despite the cold windy winter weather.
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Organizing this rally

Line up

Num Time Name Presentation Note
1 1:30pm Rob singing with guitar -
2 2:00pm Pete MC and opening -
3 N/A ? speaking about ? -
4 N/A ? speaking about ? -
5 N/A ? speaking about ? -
6 N/A Victor Green speaking -
7 N/A ? speaking about ? -
8 N/A Rob speaking about G.R.O.W. -
9 N/A Pete speaking about Brian, R.I.P. -
10 N/A Jason speaking about Projex.Wiki + free web hosting for Windsor Freedom people -
11 N/A Pete closing -


Num Time Name Presentation Note
1 N/A Mike Dr. Friendly absent
2 N/A ? Read Letter from Dr. Gluttony Fraudci -
3 N/A Winton 2 short messages -


Break for dinner then relocate and continue at the Green Room Organization of Windsor (also known as G.R.O.W.), a freedom-minded social activity community center in Windsor, Ontario.

Sound crew

  • gear: Rob
    • speakers, stands, mic, stand, audio cables, power strips, etc.
  • breakdown: team effort

Stage setting

  • 3x banners: Currie/Mike/Winton/Rob
  • banner raising: Winton/Jason
  • lawn signs: Winton/Jason
  • breakdown: team effort

Field Crew

  • tables: Rob
  • tents: Currie/Derek/Rob
  • seating: ?
  • setup: team effort
  • breakdown: team effort
  • clean up: team effort

Craft Service

  • hot chocolate: Winton/Sarah
  • chili: no
  • snacks: no
  • donation can: ?
  • clean up: team effort


  • Druthers papers: Currie/Jason
  • T-shirts: no
  • merchandise: no

Post event notes

  • estimated attendance: 130-175 people
  • very cold, with winds

Rally photo galleries

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