Projex message to Windsor, 2022-01-18

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A message from Jason / Projex.Wiki, originally shared on the Windsor Freedom Rally 2022-01-22 page, 2022-01-18, updated 2022-01-23.

My Cassandra Team (details coming soon) has a VPS (virtual private server) in "the cloud". Whether it's to migrate your old or existing sites, or you have interest in building new sites, we can host websites for you, for free. Not a gimmick. These are community supporting projects, and we expect eventually we'll earn community donation support too. We're especially keen to support resistance alternatives and solutions, whatever the form, great or small. Of course you're always welcome to utilize Projex.Wiki instead of, or in combination with, other sites. I'll soon point many of my domains at Projex.Wiki pages rather than make separate websites. A few of my domains will still need to be separate sites that are complimentary bridging platforms to/with Projex.Wiki. I won't bore you further with details here but we'll share our outlined roadmap soon enough.

Projex.Wiki is finally online and reasonably presentable, even if it's still a very early stage, incomplete, work-in-progress.

Windsorites, please sign up and utilize this powerful community tool.

We'll soon learn about the permission settings to manage and share access to view and/or edit project pages.
Modes should include:

anonymous, private, personal, friends, associates, groups, and public/global.

Groupings should include overlapping scales and regions:

personal, small groups, large groups, local, regional, national, global.

Not even 2 weeks old, few people even know this site exists, however, until we announce that we've learned how to manage permissions and privacy effectively, we should consider everything on this site as public to the world, meaning, reveal nothing you wish to remain private.

We'll soon install a WYSIWYG GUI (What you see is what you get, graphic user interface) so that you may edit without needing to know wiki-code, much like drafting typical Word documents. (You should use Libré Office instead of Word.)

Don't be shy. Ask for assistance if needed. We'll correct things as we go, as is the very nature of wikis.

I've tried to outline a broad framework of example ideas for projects that may be developed and organized on Projex.Wiki. Feel free to think outside these boxes.

Here are some new wiki-pages, examples in development, that I'd like you all to visit as they may inspire you to improve and/or add to them - or feel free to branch off on your own projects.

If you are familiar with editing Wikipedia then this should be easy for you, despite not yet having many templates installed.

If you are not familiar, hang tight. A WYSISWYG editor (what you see is what you get) that works like editing a Word document will be installed. Also coming soon:

  1. How to create a Projex.Wiki profile.
  2. How to create a profile to join the forum and many other topical and community discussions.
  3. How to navigate a wiki.
  4. Basic wiki etiquette.
  5. How to create a Projex.Wiki page.
  6. How to edit a Projex.Wiki page.
  7. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) will make editing easier than wikitext markup code.
  8. How to manage content permission settings.
    • Manage privacy and shared access to view and/or edit your pages and projects.
    • Manage your associations - private, personal, friends, groups, public/global, anonymous.
  9. Entire Projex.Wiki website available to download and backup.

I have yet to create my own User:JasonCarswell page as an example of what people may do on wikis. User pages may interest you for various reasons such as project organizing, product marketing, networking and communications (ie. contact info), image portfolios and galleries, blogging, record keeping, self-promotion or vanity, etc.