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Please, add your postings below. This is an interactive employment board and your participation is valued.

This page may be dramatically re-organized when it gets utilized, busier, and crowded.

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Auto enthusiast seeking work

With so much in flux I'm not sure if I will need a full time, part time, gig, short order cook, or other kind of job to supplement and/or survive the tyranny.

I'm eager to hear about what opportunities are out there.


  • Fast learner.
  • Willing to train if necessary.
  • Assembly line worker for decades.
  • Mig welding (novice with settings, proficient with beads).
  • Automotive enthusiast (light duty experience).

Contact User:JasonCarswell who will act as proxy for more connection info.

Any jobs that come my way, with your permission, can be shared on Projex.Wiki to help make your connections.

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Discrimination-free employment

Employers Notice Of Liability For Coercively Demanding COVID-19 Vaccination

Employers threatening consequences of any kind over private medical decisions related to the COVID-19 vaccinations, may be informed of their responsibilities, and the consequences they may face for engaging in coercion, as outlined in this letter of liability that was shared at the ‘Windsor With the World’ protest on September 18th, 2021:

PDF: Notice of Liability to Employer Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination as Condition for Continuation of Employment

Free-thinker social media platforms with crypto and markets

These may yield discrimination-free employment leads:

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