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LeverMind projects
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LeverMind.net is a sister-site of Projex.Wiki.

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LeverMind developing projects are founded on the voluntaryist principles of bottom-up community self-management opposing the global corporatocracy's top-down tyrannical technocracy.

LeverMind projects are hosted on sister-sites:

  • LeverMind.net is a free-discourse community-forum, communications hub, and agora for media, project organizing, and socializing - all on the open-source modular HumHub platform including a Facebook-like forum, calendar, chat, files, groups, pages, private messages, spaces, tasks, video chat, wiki, etc. Online Canada Day, July 1st, 2024.
  • Projex.Wiki, this wiki you are reading, hosts open-source developing LeverMind projects that include forum Organization, public relations strategies, and counter-propaganda Productions.


You don't learn kungfu in the middle of a fight. You practice kungfu and hope you never have to use it.

Similarly we know the globalists want to control all of our communications.

People can't call for help, respond, organize, protect, or share information when denied knowledge of who is in crises, starving, under threat, etc.

This is why we are prepping with this social media hub. Above all other issues, tied with food & water, communications is our top priority.

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