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File:Open Curricula Projects logo.png
Open Curricula Projects logo (coming soon).
◉ ANIMATION ◉ YouTube playlist compiled by User:JasonCarswell.

Noteworthy videos with analysis, insights, and instructions on acting, animation, arcs, arts, audio, budgets, character, character design, cinematography, classical animation, clients, commentary, communicating, composition, computer animation, craft, credits and titles, culture, design, dialogue, documentaries, editing, entertainment industry, filmmaking, how-to, industry animation, layout and design, lighting, making-of, marketing, media, music, pacing, pencil tests, performance, political influence, previsualization, rigging, screenwriting, social analysis, social media, staging, stop-motion, storyboarding, storytelling, structure, substance, subtext, technical animation, techniques, textures, video distribution, web animation, etc.

There's also an ◎ ANIMATION Unseen ◎ YouTube playlist with unviewed content that may or may not be noteworthy.
Book cover of Cartoon Animation (1994) by Preston Blair is the best reference for animators.
Book cover of Understanding Comics.
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Open Curricula Projects

Open Curricula Projects Media
Open Curricula Projects Filmmaking
Open Curricula Projects Animation
Open Curricula Projects 2D Animation 9-Day Class - A project to evolve openly here, soon and hereafter (work-in-progress).
An introductory crash course on the fundamentals of animation, traditional animation on paper (cels), traditional animation on computers, design-in-motion and design-over-time, compositing, editing, etc. A particular focus will be on pragmatically preparing students for production and the job placements that may follow the 9-day class. Therefore less emphasis will be on the theory, homework, and practice exercises necessary to build stronger skills.
Open Curricula Projects Classical Animation
Open Curricula Projects Computer Animation

Animation introduction

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