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LeverMind projects
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(LeverMind logo coming soon.)
LeverMind.net is a sister-site of Projex.Wiki.

LeverMind ASAP to do

  • buy a domain for promo video production:
    • LeverMind.ca
    • LeverMind.Digital
    • LeverMind.Media
    • LeverMind.Productions
    • LeverMind.Stream
    • LeverMind.Studio
    • LeverMind.Tube (Have Volun.Tube, which could feature a dedicated channel.)
    • LeverMind.TV
    • LeverMind.Video
  • calendars & groups to setup
    • Agora (Greek) is an open place for markets and people to assemble, like a town square.
    • Alternatives, Solutions & Tradeoffs
    • Crises
      • Censorship Crises
      • Economic Crises
      • Farmer Crises
      • Food Crises
    • Decentralize All Things
    • Health Analysis
    • Media Analysis
    • Mytuv SaidIt
    • Optimists' Club
    • Phylaxis (medical) is the protection against infection. We may also protect against cultural destruction, cyber warfare, medical tyranny, political infiltration, psychological operations, wealth theft, and weaponized migration.
    • Projex LeverMind Admins
    • Protect Children
    • Protect Farmers
    • Protect Freedom
    • Regional
      • Local
        • Windsor
      • Regional
        • Ontario
      • National
        • Canada
        • USA
      • Global
      • Cosmic
    • Skepticism
      • 15 Minute Cities Skepticism
      • 9/11 Skepticism
      • Authority Skepticism
      • Climate Skepticism
      • PsyOps Skepticism
      • Terror Skepticism
      • Vaccine Skepticism
      • War Skepticism
      • Woke Skepticism
      • Zionist Skepticism
    • Social Media Analysis
    • Tech Analysis
    • WEFringe
    • Windsor Media Centre
  • forum features:
    • tweak feature options for new HumHub modules
    • consult admins about HumHub features
    • learn what the HumHub files are capable of
    • learn what the HumHub html pages are capable of
    • learn what the HumHub wiki is capable of

LeverMind startup questions

  1. For branding, because there are similar domains, should we capitalize the extention?
    • LeverMind.net or LeverMind.Net or LeverMind.NET
    • LeverMind.org or LeverMind.Org or LeverMind.ORG
    • LeverMind.productions or LeverMind.Productions
    • LeverMind.wiki or LeverMind.Wiki or LeverMind.WIKI
  2. Which aspects of the new forum should admins focus on prepping first?
    The goal is to prepare the site as much as possible, as clearly as possible, as organized as possible, before inviting folks in.
  3. Which aspects of the new forum should admins focus on prepping last?
  4. Should we try limited invitations to build a familiarized Trusted-Team?
  5. Publicity...
    Each pre-announcement drafted should have a particular focus with the goal of getting feedback, while generating interest, building awareness, and harnessing suspense and anticipation.
    The branding development could be shared in bits to also generate interest - and gain valued feedback.
    The soft-announcement should be written up like a press-release article, explaining everything.
  6. How would we know if the VPS needs to have more CPUs or RAM due to more activity?
  7. Are there other communities we should initially invite in the first stage? Part of the promotion would hype their exclusive first stage invitations, with more to come.
    • InfoGalactic.com
    • Matrix.Gvid.tv
    • RabbitHole.wf
    • SaidIt.net
    • WikiSpooks.com
    • Windsor freedom groups
    • Windsor media groups
  8. Second stage ideas?
    • After the initial groups have had some time to try things out and acclimate, if not an increase there may be a decline in usage, so ideally preemptively we could cross-promote to other media - also hyping their privileged invitations, with more to come.
      • Druthers - a cross-Canada newspaper and online news site
      • Freedom Alliance Canada - originated by Sherri here in Windsor
      • Friendevu.com
      • Librti.com
      • NextDoor.com
      • Unjected.com
      • etc. etc. etc.
      • I'm hesitant to invite 4chan, Ruqus, Voat, .win, etc. Perhaps I don't know enough about them. I'd prefer to start and aim high with less but better content that be overrun with lowbrow memes that outvote quality content. Hopefully we can get metatag/topical sorting to work for us (I haven't looked yet).
  9. Third stage ideas?
    • Ideally with the forum working, more focus could be turned on generating promotional videos.
      • YouTube
      • Rumble
      • Odysee
      • BitChute
      • PeerTube
    • American national elections are around the corner and Canadian national elections will happen in 2025 which may or may not be relevant.
  10. Fourth stage ideas?
    • Would this be the grand launch?
  11. Other stage ideas?
    • Contests
      • HumHub development of modules, decentralization, etc.
      • Promotional material, like art, memes, music, videos, etc.
      • Sales of merch.

LeverMind.net to do

https://LeverMind.net is a forum operating on the HumHub platform.
LeverMind.net is a sister-site of Projex.Wiki.
  • lurn gud


https://LeverMind.org relocates to LeverMind/Organization, on Projex.Wiki.

LeverMind/Productions to do

https://LeverMind.video relocates to LeverMind/Productions, on Projex.Wiki.

LeverMind on Projex.Wiki to do

https://LeverMind.wiki relocates to LeverMind, here on Projex.Wiki.

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