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LeverMind.net is a sister-site of Projex.Wiki.

LeverMind.video is for variety show development and redirects here.

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Various loose notes from earlier than August 2023, relocated here.


LeverMind animations

LeverMind interview skits

    • Noam O'Tierney, (pronounced "no more tyranny") six-foot garden gnome
      • Concept: Every fringe minority gripe spun from Gnome perspective.
      • Script:
        • No, no, no, no, Noam. My name is Noam O'Tierney. My grandfather was a leprechaun, immigrated from Ireland to Canada.
        • Who says there aren't six-foot garden Gnomes? Corporate media is ALWAYS lying, slandering, diminishing us, calling us common folks "little people" and "vertically challenged" plebs.
        • The housing crisis problem is that they give us tiny homes, doll houses, and holes in the ground to live in. Hollywood misinforms and ruins everything. [Village of dollhouses in St. Jocham, Lakeshore]
      • Notes:
        • complains about Trudeau selectively favouring some minorities and not others, like trans over gnomes or fringe minorities
        • Mrs. O'Tierney, dividing families, trust question, went and got vaxxed and now sick in bed (log cottage home set with quilts, candles, logs, sticks, rustic, barn, etc. - or toolshed?)
        • convert flower gardens to food gardens
        • raised beds are easier to hide behind
        • Gnome militia to defend Gnome culture from commie/fascist/authoritarian/government overreach and death by a thousand regulations.
        • off-grid Gnome-steading culture
        • hiding/rolling in fall leaves
        • green energy / garden decoration salesman (ie. flower wind-turbines)
        • You do not want to know how we make garden Gnome fertilizer.
        • If a garden Gnome sexually identifies as a road pylon - will anyone see it?
        • bee population decline = no beard wax
        • Bill Gates and industrial farming are destroying garden Gnomes' natural habitat!
        • Recurring nightmare: I'm Gnome Solo in Empire Strikes Back and Darth Trudeau freezes me in concrete with peaches.
        • Recurring dream: I'm that Amélie movie traveling around the world and in the end she hooks up with me instead of the French guy.
      • Scenario shots:
        • wears war paint, camouflaged clothes, crawls through gardens
        • stealth gnome peaks over hedge, camera pulls back to reveal obvious tall red hat
        • trips/knocks over Easter Island head (meter the aggressive stuff to keep the character sympathetic)
        • What's the difference between Dwarfs, Elves, Leprechauns, etc? Semantics. It's just racial division manufactured by the ruling class.
        • boycotting Christmas and Santa's enslaved elves. What's Santa going to do when robots are cheaper than Elves? EDA, Elf depopulation agenda.
        • stealing Christmas lights in brotherhood with Santa's exploited Elves (but Elves want nothing to do with Gnomes)
        • runs from cops
    • Where's Waldo?, the depressed protestor with a lisp
      • "Where's Waldo Common Sense?" sign doesn't work (character is too self-aware) but a "Where's Common Sense?" sign could.
      • opening intro will be funny, without any S sounds to delay lisping to next part
      • My name is Waldo. I'm an average normal guy. Like anyone's boring life, ignoring my primary activity, my generally low profile would have me be very forgettable, to blend into the crowd. Though, you might've heard of me, when, apparently an author made literature for children motivated by my clothing. I haven't read any. I don't even own a book...
      • [lisping] I'm dyslexic. As a serious activist and protester, I'm depressed that no one will take me seriously.
    • Lady Of Ye Renaissance, nature vs corporatocracy, consumer culture, industrial, garbage,
    • Dawn Of The Witch, old goth valley girl, talking gossip about politicians and their two-faced hypocrisies
    • Unemployed Mafia, legit work is tough, no good drugs since the CIA took over, wistful for the monopoly on violence days, at least we had a code of ethics.
    • Confused Santa
      • Sure some call me Claus, but you can call me Nick. It was so much simpler in the old days. I used to have just two lists for all the girls and boys - but now, so many genders to keep track of. And inflation! Even if I could afford it, there's so little food for the elves.
      • Confused Santa doesn't know what to do. Girls, boys, other genders, etc. Inflation, elf worker rights, reindeer food shortages, etc. False sex accusations from adults and children, etc. It's all too damn much. Gonna have to pack it all in for the Great Reset. You all may think it's a conspiracy, but Santa watches all of it. [Insert more details here.] We have long lists of conspiracy analysis that's all come true in the last few years. It's clear as day. Santa's gonna have to use his magic sleigh to travel to another solar system.

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