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WIP = work in progress

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MediaWiki has been installed.


Projex.Wiki to do lists

Bridging to do

Bridging to other sites

Research how to bridge to other sites, as already exists for Wikipedia to other languages.

  • Wikis:
    • WS : WikiSpooks
    • IG : InfoGalactic
    • ES : Encyclosphere
    • EP : Everipedia
    • WP : Wikipedia
    • WT : Wiktionary
    • WQ : WikiQuote
    • WV : WikiVoyage
    • WA : Wikia
    • SW : Wookiepedia
    • CP : Conservapedia
    • MP : Metapedia
    • RW : Rational Wiki
    • etc.
  • Websites:
    • SI or /s/ : SaidIt
    • FI or /f/ : FreedIt
    • Ri or /r/ : Reddit
    • etc.
  • Testing ground: Windsor,_Ontario#Windsor_on_Wikipedia
    • Displays two links as [local Projex.Wiki link]([smaller superscript offsite link]):
    • Current hack: [[Windsor, Ontario]]<sup>([https://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor,_Ontario WP])</sup>
    • We may be forced to code as: [[Windsor, Ontario]]<sup>([[:WP:Windsor, Ontario|WP]])</sup>
    • Preferred code: [[Windsor, Ontario]][[WP^:Windsor, Ontario]] would display as Windsor, Ontario(WP).
    • Preferred only: [[WP:Windsor, Ontario]] would display as Windsor, Ontario with the offsite icon link to Wikipedia without specific indication.
    • Note:
      • Until WP: is specially defined [[WP:Windsor, Ontario]] displays as a normal link WP:Windsor, Ontario.
      • When defined, [[:WP:Windsor, Ontario]] the fore-colon would change the function, most likely to remove the offsite icon (as with Wikipedia links to articles in other languages).
      • For example, [[:Category:Windsor, Ontario]] does not trigger the footer category function yet displays a link to that category page: Category:Windsor, Ontario.
  • ? Solved with templates ?
  • ? Better: Make a universal option list ?
    • ? Auto-generated separate page with topical search/subjects/subs links ?
      • ? Fetch extant subject/sub results ?
    • ? Dropdown list ?

Bridging from other sites

Bridge from other sites, as already exists for Wikipedia to other languages.

  • Share solutions with InfoGalactic, WikiSpooks, etc.
  • Develop solutions with SaidIt, FreedIt, etc.

Bridging with other sites

Categories to do

Logos to do

  • Projex.Wiki logo
    • design Projex.Wiki logo
    • install Projex.Wiki logo
    • Projex.Wiki logo contest
    • improve Projex.Wiki logo
    • reinstall Projex.Wiki logo
  • design sister project logos

Main Page to do

Emulate other wikis

As a template to build from their page-code and social/site planning may be copypasted for now to evolve or change as necessary.

MediaWiki to do

Extensions to install

  • SMW Semantic MediaWikik

Templates to install

  • {{---}}
  • Categories
    • Configure sub-categories to fold/expand/collapse
  • Citation needed
  • Colbegin / colend
  • Cquote
  • Div col / div col end
  • Expand section
  • Footer templates (develop with sidebox templates)
  • Hatlink templates
  • Infobox templates
  • Pad templates
  • Portal templates
  • Project templates
  • Sidebox ideas
    • Date of last 3 edits and by whom
    • Regional nesting as seen on Windsor, Ontario and G.R.O.W.
      • Regional nesting will only have one "parent" with multiple "children"
    • Topical nesting
      • Topical nesting may not be possible with multiple "parents"
  • Sidebox templates (develop with footer templates)
  • Site map ?
    • Categories map ?

Wish List (find/make, install, use)

  • archive to/from other platforms?
  • embed modules/frames in wiki? (ie. TheLounge chat)
  • folding lists (collapsing/expanding without tables)
  • icon library(s)
  • left margin: make better use of space
  • top of each page (auto-generated, above infobox?): last edit, by user, verified?

Projex.Wiki Priority Content To Draft

Projex.Wiki Priority Content To Draft

Projex.Wiki: About

Template:Expand section

More coming soon.

Projex.Wiki: About

Projex.Wiki slogan: Alternatives & Solutions.


Projex.Wiki is an Internet-based wiki-project specifically for hosting and presenting wiki-projects of all kinds.

Wiki-projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Encyclopedic content unsuitable for other wikis (WikiSpooks, InfoGalactic, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikiQuote, WikiVoyage, Wikia, Wookiepedia, Conservapedia, Metapedia, Rational Wiki, etc)
  • Media productions
    • Counter-propaganda
    • Production development
    • Project management
  • Publishing original content
    • Articles
    • Blogs
    • DIY tutorials
    • Essays
    • Galleries
    • Listicles
    • Lists
    • Reviews
    • Wish lists
    • Whatever you think is a good project for you personally, for groups, or for our world.
  • Resistance organizing for freedom against tyranny
    • Documenting events
    • Manifestos
    • Organizing actions
    • Planning strategies
    • Regional resources
    • Resistance analysis
  • Social media management
    • Decentralization
    • DIY tutorials
    • Manifestos
    • Policy development
      • Fair, open, accountable, consistent, honest administration
    • Software planning
      • Developing a next-generation forum

Inter-related platforms and projects


Projex.Wiki is:


Volun.Tube will be a PeerTube instance at https://Volun.Tube, but for now it links to this paragraph.

Glossed And Profound

Glossed And Profound (aka, GaP or G&P) is a production management online cooperative for developing and creating counter-propaganda to resist the tyranny of the globalist corporatocracy. Effectively a production studio in conventional terms, Glossed And Profound is a 1) transparent, 2) cooperative, 3) online 4) evolving open project to 5) produce counter-propaganda - all factors that make this very different than private corporations serving executives.

Bittersweet Seeds

Bittersweet Seeds is a screenplay to storyboard to graphic novel project for presenting and publishing a cautionary tale set ~25-30 years from now.

Bittersweet Seeds will be transparently managed and produced by Glossed And Profound on Projex.Wiki.


LeverMind is short for The LeverMind Variety Show project.

LeverMind will be transparently managed and produced by Glossed And Profound on Projex.Wiki.

Trutherism 101 is a project to develop and produce a counter-propaganda comedy series of animated shorts. This project may be produced within and presented in sections in The LeverMind Variety Show. Ideally the ultimate goal is to stitch all Trutherism 101 episodes into a feature-length mocumentary.

Trutherism 101 will be transparently managed and produced by Glossed And Profound on Projex.Wiki.

Jason Carswell

SaidIt forum feeds worth watching




Politics and contextual understanding

Best indie-media sources

Must-see documentaries

Contextual understanding on inconvenient truths in our chaotic world in this short list of powerful must-see documentaries:


See also


Color guides

Template:PadTable color keyTemplate:Pad

This table key is for color categorizations, yet to be determined.

Color rather than colour for coding purposes.

Template:PadGREY = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-grey border = #BBC2CC
dark-grey header = #CCD2DD
mid-grey body = #DDE2EE
light-grey body = #EEF2FF
lighter-grey body = #F2F8FF
Template:PadRED = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-red border = #D2B2B2
dark-red header = #DDC2C2
mid-red body = #EED2D2
light-red body = #FFE2E2
lighter-red body = #FFEEEE
lightest-red body = #FFF2F2
Template:PadORANGE = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-orange border = #D2BB88
dark-orange header = #DDC299
mid-orange body = #EED2AA
light-orange body = #FFE2BB
lighter-orange body = #FFEECC
lightest-orange body = #FFF2DD
Template:PadYELLOW = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-yellow border = #D2D299
dark-yellow header = #DDDDAA
mid-yellow body = #EEEEBB
light-yellow body = #FFFFCC
lighter-yellow body = #FFFFDD
lightest-yellow body = #FFFFEE
Template:PadGREEN = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-green border = #AAD2BB
dark-green header = #BBDDCC
mid-green body = #CCEEDD
light-green body = #DDFFEE
lighter-green body = #EEFFF2
lightest-green body = #F2FFFF
Template:PadBLUE = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-blue border = #99AAE2
dark-blue header = #B2BBEE
mid-blue body = #C2CCFF
light-blue body = #D2DDFF
lighter-blue body = #E2EEFF
lightest-blue body = #F2F8FF
Template:PadPURPLE = yet to be categorizedTemplate:Pad
darker-purple border = #CC99D2
dark-purple header = #D2AADD
mid-purple body = #E2BBEE
light-purple body = #F2CCFF
lighter-purple body = #F2DDFF
lightest-purple body = #F2EEFF

Template:PadDefault MediaWiki ColorsTemplate:Pad
Disclaimer style="background:#FDFFE7; border:1px solid gray;"
Banner style="background:#FFFAF5; border:1px solid #F2E0CE;"
Left style="background:#F5FFFA; border:1px solid #CEF2E0;"
Left style="background:#CEF2E0; border:1px solid #A3BFB1; color:#000;"
Right style="background:#F5FAFF; border:1px solid #CEDFF2;"
Right style="background:#CEDFF2; border:1px solid #A3B0BF; color:#000;"
Featured style="background:#FAF5FF; border:1px solid #DDCEF2;"
Featured style="background:#DDCEF2; border:1px solid #AFA3BF; color:#000;"
Other style="border:1px solid #E2E2E2;"
Other style="background:#EEEEEE; border:1px solid #DDD; color:#222;"