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Projex.Wiki is
free of charge,
free to use,
free to download,
free to support,
and is a perpetual work-in-progress living-project, since 2022-01-01.
Please be patient with us.
Due to bot spamming, please ask for a user account from "MJasonCarswell" via "".
Support Projex.Wiki and uncensored independent alternatives via Jason Carswell with ca$h or Bitcoin: 1DqcTPZUDMP9i3jDWEEnFncQe1SQnwpyJs Other donation options, full transparency, new platforms, and more online resources coming soon.

Welcome to Projex.Wiki

Projex.Wiki is an Internet-based crowd-sourced wiki-project and powerful resource-manager utility for organizing, hosting, and presenting wiki-based projects of all kinds, including freedom-minded projects, global projects, group projects, and personal projects of any sort (personal projects guide coming soon). See the topical Portal:Contents/Portals, Projex.Wiki:Project categories, or feel free to search. (To learn more about wikis, read the Wiki article on Wikipedia.)


Not just another MediaWiki, Projex.Wiki has extra Semantic MediaWiki powers that even Wikipedia does not yet utilize. MediaWikis are very secure, extremely well supported globally as FLOSS (free / libré open-source software), and because powerful decentralized or distributed wiki networks do not exist (yet), our simple decentralization solution and top priority is to provide openly downloadable backups to prepare for the worst (censorship and loss of freedom).

Projex.Wiki is free of charge, free to use, free to download (when we get that set up), free to support (when we get that set up), and is a perpetual work-in-progress living-project, since 2022-01-01.

You, your groups, your communities, and all of Projex.Wiki may freely express and believe as you like, uncensored. Because this is a wiki, expect that others may contribute to and edit your work. In order to limit who may or may not edit your work become familiar with the permission settings documentation (when we get that set up).

Why Windsor?

Danaus plexippus, aka monarch butterfly at Point Pelee, Essex County, (photo by Ryan Pimiskern, Flickr).

The freedom movements of Windsor, Ontario, Canada will initially be the establishing practical regional example as important in Projex.Wiki's development and dissemination as global online social media word-of-mouth via,, and other platforms. In time the lines will blur between these communities and beyond as our projects expand beyond these few regionally and virtually defined limits. Just as Windsor's spirited resistance groups already lead Ontario and Canada by example, so too, Projex.Wiki's Cassandra Team aims for contagious viral growth via pending services and utilitarian platforms for effective free-thinking, skepticism of all power, truth-seeking, resistance to tyranny, as well as finding, developing, and sharing freedom, alternatives, and solutions. Windsor is home of User:JasonCarswell, co-founder of Projex.Wiki, who mingles within some of the many Windsor Freedom groups. Eventually communities around the world may also utilize Projex and these Windsor projects may no longer be needed as emulatable examples on this main page.

About Projex.Wiki

These links are specifically ONLY about this website, Projex.Wiki, and its management, not to be confused with general projects.


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Projex.Wiki to do

Draft articles

  1. How to create a Projex.Wiki profile.
  2. How to create a profile to join the SaidIt Projex forum and many other topical and community discussions.
  3. How to navigate a wiki.
  4. Basic wiki etiquette.
  5. How to create a Projex.Wiki page.
  6. How to edit a Projex.Wiki page.
  7. How to manage content permission settings.
    • Manage privacy and shared access to view and/or edit your pages and projects.
    • Manage your associations - private, personal, friends, groups, public/global, anonymous.

Install MediaWiki extensions

Current version 1.35.5 *. Update to 1.40 or later?

  1. A WYSIWYG GUI(what you see is what you get, graphic user interface) will make editing easier.
  2. Extensions
  3. Backup
  4. Themes
  5. Importing
  6. Media
  7. Existing* Bundled extensions and skins to learn and configure
  8. Semantic MediaWiki

Known issues to fix

Projex.Wiki lists of projects

The Projex.Wiki lists of projects relate only to projects with wiki pages.

Projex.Wiki categories

The Projex.Wiki categories list only relates to Projex.Wiki and its operation.