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Projex.Wiki, Alternative solutions & resistance. Welcome! Please learn about Projex.Wiki before making your first edit.
Projex.Wiki is
free of charge,
free to use,
free to download,
free to support,
and is a perpetual work-in-progress living-project, since 2022-01-01.
Please be patient with us.
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Projects are still very welcome at Projex.Wiki, still free to all, but due to problematic bot spamming, the open registration is now limited to request or invitation only.
Please request an account to be able to edit by emailing "MJasonCarswell" with "Projex.Wiki" in the title, and maybe share a bit about your projects.
Reach out if your content or user account has been mistakenly batch-deleted or blocked to have it restored.

Support Projex.Wiki via Jason Carswell with ca$h or
donate Bitcoin: 1DqcTPZUDMP9i3jDWEEnFncQe1SQnwpyJs.
Other options and full transparency coming soon.

Welcome to Projex.Wiki

Projex.Wiki is an Internet-based crowd-sourced wiki-project and powerful resource-manager utility for organizing, hosting, and presenting wiki-based projects of all kinds, including freedom-minded projects, global projects, group projects, and personal projects of any sort (personal projects guide coming soon). See the topical portals links above, project categories, example links below, or feel free to search. (To learn more about wikis, read the Wiki article on Wikipedia.)


Not just another MediaWiki, Projex.Wiki has extra Semantic MediaWiki powers that even Wikipedia does not yet utilize. MediaWikis are very secure, extremely well supported globally as FLOSS (free / libré open-source software), and because powerful decentralized or distributed wiki networks do not exist (yet), Projex.Wiki's simple decentralization solution and top priority is to provide openly downloadable backups to prepare for the worst (censorship and loss of freedom).

Projex.Wiki is free of charge, free to use, free to download (when we get that set up), free to support (when we get that set up), and is a perpetual work-in-progress living-project, since 2022-01-01.

You, your groups, your communities, and all of Projex.Wiki may freely express and believe as you like, uncensored. Because this is a wiki, expect that others may contribute to and edit your work. In order to limit who may or may not edit your work become familiar with the permission settings documentation (when we get that set up).

Why Windsor?

Danaus plexippus, aka monarch butterfly at Point Pelee, Essex County, (photo by Ryan Pimiskern, Flickr).

The freedom movements of Windsor, Ontario, Canada will initially be the establishing practical regional example as important in Projex.Wiki's development and dissemination as global online social media word-of-mouth via,, and other platforms. In time the lines will blur between these communities and beyond as our projects expand beyond these few regionally and virtually defined limits. Just as Windsor's spirited resistance groups already lead Ontario and Canada by example, so too, Projex.Wiki's Cassandra Team aims for contagious viral growth via pending services and utilitarian platforms for effective free-thinking, skepticism of all power, truth-seeking, resistance to tyranny, as well as finding, developing, and sharing freedom, alternatives, and solutions. Windsor is home of User:JasonCarswell, co-founder of Projex.Wiki, who mingles within some of the many Windsor Freedom groups. Eventually communities around the world may also utilize Projex and these Windsor projects may no longer be needed as emulatable examples on this main page.

Freedom Fist 3 (5"x7" sketch).
Poster: Four poison injections. is an uncensored Reddit-like aggregation news and debate forum for free-thinking and truth-seeking. is an encyclopaedia of deep politics. is an uncensored conservative encyclopedia, forked from Wikipedia.



Friends list

Best indie-media sources skeptical of authority for greater contextual understanding

Soon to migrate to Projex.Wiki

Please draft up lists of your own favourite media sources with compelling details, explanations, and reviews with their pros and cons that may encourage others to explore them. In the forum you may even discuss and democratically petition to share your faves here on the front page of Projex.Wiki.


These sections and blurbs rest here until they don't.


All Projex.Wiki content inevitably falls somewhere between completely non-political to very political.

" You may not be interested in politics (and that's fine), but politics will always be interested in you. " Politics has infested our technology, science, health, and every aspect of our lives for a full spectrum dominance with a monopoly on violence.

Rather than believing that any perpetually lying media, murderous governments, usurious banksters, or exploitative corporations have our best interests in mind, starts from a position of skepticism of all authority, centrist voluntaryism, truth-seeking, and free-thinking.

There is no shortage of doom-porn about endless problems, and of course we all must understand them deeply, but critically we must also find alternatives and solutions in order to better resist tyranny to survive and thrive despite the manufactured crises, psychological torture, economic chaos, and fifth generation warfare perpetually waged upon humanity by the Machiavellian ruling class currently stepping up and waging their class war and United Nations' depopulation Agenda 2030.

Logo from
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Logo from Projex.Wiki.

For community-content and news skeptical of authority:


Projex.Wiki is associated with similar truth-seeking and free-thinking sites like, a conspiracy and corruption-exposing Reddit-style news aggregation forum, and WikiSpooks, an anti-authoritarian encyclopedia about the ruling class, their shadow government and permanent deep state, conspiracies, spy craft, and about globalists' corrupt levers of power. Our loosely affiliated Cassandra Team aims to bring forth more utilities and platforms for alternative solutions and resistance to tyranny.


Unlike many wikis, Projex.Wiki is not another encyclopedia, though of course you make start encyclopedic projects with content unsuitable on other wikis or if you can't find your topical fan wiki in Wikia. Topically dedicated fan sites exist, such as Wookiepedia for Star Wars content. Wiktionary, WikiQuote, WikiVoyage, and others are resources related to Wikipedia which features the corporatocracy "mainstream" Leftist liberal narrative, while InfoGalactic is one of many counter-narrative Right conservative encyclopedias, and WikiSpooks for an anti-authoritarian encyclopedia about the ruling class, conspiracies, the deep state, spy craft, and truth-seeking about the corrupt levers of power and their tyranny.

More on coming soon.
More on Cassandra Team coming soon.


Rules and guidelines

Projex.Wiki aims to have very few, hard, clear rules.

  1. No advocating violence.
  2. No pornography.

Projex.Wiki will have many subjective arbitrary guides, among them:

  1. Aim high on the Pyramid Of Debate.
  2. Be as organized as possible to be a more effective resource.
  3. Courage.


Projex.Wiki owns no copyrights or claims to your work. Without armies of lawyers to fight rigged corporatocracy mafia games we cannot prevent theft of your content, but because we support the individual over industrialized "intellectual property" we will soon provide a variety of copyright options to state your claims for the record which may support your cases. These will include the Creative Commons standard copyleft options with more to come.


We will openly develop protocols, standards, and templates for social media management on this and for other platforms to deal with problematic content such as vandalism, spam, STABs (shills, trolls, and bots), sealioning, and platform sliding - as well as infractions of the rules and guides.


FOTPACH = fair, open, transparent, peaceful, accountable, consistent, honest.

This ambitious, ambiguous, subjective term may describe any management, from social media administration to governments.

This is typically unavailable with most authoritarian management, and while not perfect, this maxim is at least a foot in the door to keep open discussions alive with the hopeful intentions of improving - to do better, always, if possible.


Projex.Wiki management will initially be administrated by User:JasonCarswell, User:d3rr (admin of, User:Robin (admin of These three platforms form the solid backbone for future growth. We shall outline our process and hope to expand soon. Feel free to ask to co-moderate or earn an invitation.

Feedback please

Ideas, assistance, and constructive criticisms are all very welcome in the forum discussion,, or on my User talk:JasonCarswell page.


May all the brainwashed minions and shills recognize the fifth generation warfare to wake up from their sheeple flockdowns to rise up, grow up, speak up, and face up to the reality that we can do better than simply obeying the Machiavellian ruling class and their eugenics United Nations' depopulation Agenda 2030.