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File:WEFringe logo.png
WEFringe logo (coming soon).
Not to be confused with WEFringe monthly birthday celebrations.
Not to be confused with WE Protect Freedom!, organizing Actions, Communications, and Resources for freedom and prepper societies and networks in Windsor and Essex County.
Not to be confused with South-Western Ontario calendar and newsletter.

WEFringe, we the 'Fringe' Majority of Windsor & Essex County

TL;DR: Skip the details directly to: Subscribe, Share, Unsubscribe, Archive
- or simply send an email with the subject "subscribe" to any or all of these 8 groups:
  1. WEFringe-ANNOUN-Request@FreeLists.org, ONLY announcements & newsletters
  2. WEFringe-ACTION-Request@FreeLists.org, organizing activities & events
  3. WEFringe-FUN-Request@FreeLists.org, escapist amusements
  4. WEFringe-GLOBAL-Request@FreeLists.org, global news & info we cannot affect
  5. WEFringe-LOCAL-Request@FreeLists.org, ONLY local news affecting us and/or that we may react to
  6. WEFringe-PLANS-Request@FreeLists.org, managing & planning our communities
  7. WEFringe-REACH-Request@FreeLists.org, communications, media, public relations, tech
  8. WEFringe-SOCIAL-Request@FreeLists.org, free-form freedom forum
For more info see the Guidelines, F.A.Q., and/or Ecartis Help File.

WEFringe group email lists are a simple way for everyone in Windsor/Essex freedom and prepper communities to openly gather and share information, and inclusively socialize, manage, and organize ourselves in a fair and easily accessible medium.

No one can keep up with the endless social media platforms, and some people don't use social media, or even email - and that's fine. Whatever may or may not be used, email groups remain the lowest common denominator that most people have, whether frequently checked or not.

The open public WEFringe email groups (listed below) are an equalizer in that anyone may use them without a gatekeeper controlling the collective secret list of emails via blind carbon copy (BCC). Members' email addresses will be shared with the group when they participate by sharing content, posting or responding to the email groups.

WEFringe groups will send members emails as well as the groups' archives may be followed and searched on the FreeLists.org host service website.

Private group email lists may also be created, closed off from the public, limiting access to those invited and/or trusted requesting access.

These group email lists may serve some of our needs for diverse* local communities to survive in the age of global tyranny under the ruling class' rigged global enslavement systems.

* Diverse means there's a wide range of topics covered by several email groups for our many local communities. And we don't discriminate for any reason.

WEFringe origins


After trying to set up social media platforms and running into a lot of confusing hurdles, the shift now is to resorting to the lowest common denominator, Listerv email-list-groups, to help better organize our local freedom and prepper communities (as were done in animation and Burning Man communities 20+ years ago).

In 2022 Jason 'Santa' Carswell researched extensively, though not conclusively, to find the most secure email group solution to provide privacy, security, and sustainability. Of few decent options, the best seems to be FreeLists.org, also utilized by the truth-seeking, free-thinking, anti-corruption, deep-state-exposing friends operating highly recommended WikiSpooks.com.

WEFringe name

The WEFringe name for the group email lists solves the need for short recognizable titles, while jesting at Justin Trudeau's "small fringe minority", satirizing the globalists' W.E.F., and is clearly explained in the following backronym...

** Inclusive means anyone may join and openly participate (including infiltrators). We can also create closed/private email groups as necessary. And we don't discriminate for any reason.

Security fair warnings

There are no guarantees of online security. Ever.

Do not expect absolute privacy ever, but expect these groups to be superior to the technocracy (Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). No matter what precautions we take, as a group we are always potentially vulnerable*** - whether by infiltrators, a single unwary person, or many compromised folks - or weaknesses in our technology*** - or via the tyrannical corporatocracy surveillance and censoring apparatus.

All of these "open email groups" are open for anyone to join, including infiltrators, until something forces a change.

More privacy and security

If/when necessary, we can create private groups*** to better secure limited access for those we trust, by invitation or by request. Private groups may be openly listed here or remain hidden from the public. Security issues*** will always exist, but much harder to breach, private group memberships are not open to the public.

*** Both the open/public and closed/private email groups have security issues (just like all communications) and no guarantees that we'll ever be free from corporatocracy surveillance - whether by infiltrators, individuals, or groups - or by vulnerabilities in our technology, including but not limited to our operating systems, software, spyware, browsers, browser addons, email clients, site platforms, web hosts, Internet service provider (ISP), controlled VPNs, etc.


Despite the potential surveillance and tyranny, we must continue with courage, rationally cautious but not paranoid, and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

" I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees. " ~ Emiliano Zapata

Open email groups

Email filters and folders management

It's easy to be overwhelmed by avalanches of emails without filters, folders, and/or separated email accounts.

Perhaps we can start novice, advanced, and expert classes on how to better use computers, manage email, interact on social media sites, and search or navigate the Internet - securely, privately, and with prepping, freedom, and resistance to tyranny in mind.

DuckDuckGo.com: How to filter emails into folders

Recommended free email accounts

You may wish to to start a new email account for WEFringe groups or in general. These encrypted open-source email services come highly recommended:

Tutanota.com — “Secure mail for everyone!” [May not be suitable for FreeLists.org. We're investigating further.]

CounterMail.com — protecting your privacy - encrypted pgp email webmail

Hushmail.com — Encrypted Email, Web Forms & E-Signatures

Mailfence.com — Secure and private encrypted email service

Proton.me/mail — Get a private, secure, and encrypted email


LifeWire.com: The 5 Best Secure Email Services for 2023 - Encrypted email services keep your messages private (2023-01-03)

RigorousThemes.com: 17 Best Free Anonymous Email Account Providers 2023 (2023-01-06)

HowToGeek.com: ProtonMail vs. Tutanota: Which Is the Best Secure Email Provider? (2021-03-29)

ItsFOSS.com: Tutanota: Encrypted Open Source Email Service for Privacy Minded People (2019-11-09)

(FLOSS = free/libre open-sources software)

Further discussion about email security:

Financing a private secure community-based email system

Perhaps in time, before it's critically needed, we can have deeper discussions about financing and/or setting up a private secure community-based email system (and other communications tools) that we can trust more than anything other options.

Recommended tools

  1. Linux Mint is certainly better than Microsoft's Windows or Apple's macOS
  2. Brave Browser is certainly better than Google's Chrome browser for general use
    and LibreWolf is the most secure browser
  3. Brave Search is certainly better than Google Search engine
  4. Tutanota is the most secure free email with end-to-end encyrption
  5. LibreOffice is certainly better than Microsoft's Office suite

See also:

Subscribe, Share, Unsubscribe, Archive

IMPORTANT: To join WEFringe you must "subscribe" to each group - separately, all 8, some, or just one.

WEFringe group email lists

ONLY announcements and newsletters as they relate to our local communities.
No interactive discussions, broadcast out only - for low traffic.
Do not share memes, news, personal info, photos, socializing, trivia, etc.

Post/send emails to WEFringe-Announ@FreeLists.org
Join the list by sending an email to WEFringe-Announ-Request@FreeLists.org with subscribe in the Subject field
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-announ
Jump off the list by sending an email to WEFringe-Announ-Request@FreeLists.org with unsubscribe in the Subject field
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-announ
Auto-updated searchable list archives: FreeLists.org/archive/wefringe-announ, automatically updated as new messages come in.

Action, activism, activities, events, and organizing these for our local communities.

Email to WEFringe-Action@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Action-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-action
Email to WEFringe-Action-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-action

Entertainment, fun, humour, memes, music, and political satire for our local communities.
Necessary escapism relief and/or making light of serious matters.

Email to WEFringe-Fun@FreeLists.org
Email WEFringe-Fun-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-fun
Email WEFringe-Fun-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-fun

Global news and general information that we cannot change nor affect, and related serious discussions (with all humour and memes shared in WEFringe FUN).

Email to WEFringe-Global@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Global-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-global
Email to WEFringe-Global-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-global

ONLY local news that we are affected by (local, provincial, national), covering issues that we could do something about, and related serious discussions (with all humour and memes shared in WEFringe FUN).
This may include discussions about local issues, buy/sell/share, classes, classifieds, crowdsourcing, employment, gardening info, housing, lawfare, etc.

Email to WEFringe-Local@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Local-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-local
Email to WEFringe-Local-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-local

Openly managing, organizing, and planning our local communities (including WEFringe groups), not to be confused with WEFringe ACTION.
Everyone is welcome to openly discuss, develop, and refine how our groups operate and are managed, focusing on alternatives, constructive criticism, ethics, freedom, inclusion, peace, solutions, and transparency. Topics may include: ad hoc committees, agorism, autarky, charters, collaborations and interactions between groups, do-ocracy, forms of management, goals, mission statements, non-aggression, praxis, roadmaps (planning), sovereignty, steering committees, sustainability (many definitions), voluntarism (managing volunteers), and voluntaryism (voluntary interactions and exchanges, aka authentic anarchism with no rulers but with rules).

Email to WEFringe-Plans@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Plans-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-plans
Email to 'WEFringe-Plans-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-plans

Communications, media, networking, outreach, and publishing for our local communities.
Amateurs to professionals may discuss, develop, and refine archives, articles, audio, banners, branding, campaigns, comic strips, computing, filmmaking, flyers, graphic design, literature, memes, merchandise, messaging, newsletters, photography, podcasts, public relations, radios, satire, stickers, technology, videos, websites, writing, etc.

Email to WEFringe-Reach@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Reach-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-reach
Email to WEFringe-Reach-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-reach

Free-form social hangout discussions where anything goes (but try to share humour and memes in WEFringe FUN).

Email to WEFringe-Social@FreeLists.org
Email to WEFringe-Social-Request@FreeLists.org titled subscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-social
Email to WEFringe-Social-Request@FreeLists.org titled unsubscribe
or visit FreeLists.org/list/wefringe-social

These initial categories/classifications are a good initial start - and anyone may create their own group email lists in time (15 characters max), preferably with the "WEFringe-" prefix for unity, clarity, organized consistency, and professionalism - anticipating that we may scale up with greater numbers. The organization and purposes of these groups may evolve over time, especially if groups fork into more specialized topical sub-groups. We may discuss distinct and consistent nomenclature for private group names.


The FreeLists.org FAQ (frequently asked questions) FreeLists.org/wiki/the_faq answers a lot of common questions.

Full documentation of the online administration system is available at FreeLists.org/help. They encourage both admins and subscribers/members to get the most out of their web interfaces and get to know the advantages of exploring the List Management Login and configurable preferences.

General guidelines to configure your list FreeLists.org/help/recommended-config.html. Questions, comments, or to contact visit FreeLists.org/contact.html or email Staff@FreeLists.org. Learn about FreeLists.org, understand their Terms of Service, and their Privacy Policy, before Creating a New List.

Ethical group management

Not only should there be no "leader" of these groups, it will be absolutely necessary to spread out the management by recruiting co-moderators. More importantly, everyone should consider themselves part owner and thus responsible for these self-regulating communities. Do not rely on the moderators to call out problems - but also don't escalate drama. If needed, we may create WEFringe-Arbitr@FreeLists.org for arbitrating issues if/when they arise. As a community we can develop as necessary few hard rules with more loose guides (along with various explanatory examples).

Bottom-up FOEPATCH inclusive social management may be new to folks and, as with any system, of course there will be kinks to be worked out - but it is what is absolutely needed to fight the top-down tyrannical corrupt matrix of rigged systems. FOEPATCH inclusive social management can work for all communities large and small: email groups, social media, governments, and resistance organizing.


...for collaborators, communities, families, governments, groups, homes, organizations, social media, societies, teams, workplaces, etc. "Foe" = enemy; "patch" = correction.

Potential topics for future groups

Create your own groups and keep them private if you wish, or if you make them public please be sure to get it added to the list above.

There's no hurry to create new groups, but here are some example ideas...

  • analysis & research & skepticism
  • arts & entertainment
  • classifieds
    • buy & sell & share & market
    • crowdsourcing
    • crypto & currencies & trade
    • employment
    • housing
    • unions
  • creating & publishing
  • defense
  • DIY & workshop
  • faith & spirituality
  • food & gardening (+ distribution, networking, recipes, storing, etc)
  • health & wellbeing & fitness
  • lawfare
  • media
    • articles
    • corporate media (movies, series, etc)
    • documentaries
    • interviews
    • literature
    • newscasts
    • podcasts
    • videos
    • websites
  • music
    • freedom music festivals
  • newsletters
  • prepping & survival (+ self-reliance, sustainability, alternatives, solutions, etc)
  • resources
  • reviews
  • technology
    • classes
    • social media
    • support
    • transportation
    • websites

Feel free to suggest some new topics to consider or better categorization.


Please feel free to help improve these.

Group email list etiquette

More coming soon.

listserv etiquette

group email etiquette

  • Respect the time and attention of people you are sharing with.'
  • Avoid spamming just links or too much.
    • Always provide relevant context. (Why, what, when, who, source, etc.)
    • Always explain why you're motivated to share this specific content.
    • Collect related content together in a single email whenever possible, rather than spam with multiple emails on the same topic.
    • You will be spanked if you spam too much and/or do not provide context for links you share.
  • Provide context that may not be self-evident with your text, images, videos, audio, links, etc.
    • Links require descriptions (article, information, online store, opinion piece, video, website, etc.).
  • Sharing information is encouraged from open email groups to other groups and platforms.
    • Groups: Belle River, Freedom Alliance Canada, Leamington, Maidstone, Stand Up Windsor, etc.
    • Platforms: Facebook, Friendevu, SaidIt.net, Signal, Telegram, etc.
    • Sharing information is frowned upon from any future private email groups that anyone may start.
  • When copy+paste sharing content:
    • Mirror from other social media using common sense, permission, and/or respect for privacy.
    • Include original sources (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and credit authors when applicable.
    • Folks won't visit links on social media they don't use (ie. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • When sharing videos provide context and state:
    1. Why you you want folks to watch it.
    2. What the video is about.
    3. What the video is titled.
    4. How long the video is.
    5. When specific timestamps require focused attention.
    6. Who created, produced, and authored it.
  • Maintain contiguous threads and only start new conversations for new discussions or when it's practical to do so.
  • Set up email filters and/or folders to better manage your email, including these WEFringe groups.

General email etiquette

Soon these links will be aggregated here in a single brief list.

Rules of email etiquette

Email Etiquette Definition, Examples, & Tips to Write Better Emails

Email etiquette explained: rules and examples in business and in the workplace

6 Email Etiquette Rules You Should Know

10 Rules Of Email Etiquette

17 Email Etiquette Rules to Know and Practice

15 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow Despite the fact that we're glued to our reply buttons, plenty of managers still don't know how to use email etiquette appropriately.

26 Email Etiquette Rules (With Advice on How To Follow Them)

28 Best Practices for Email Etiquette in the Workplace

WEFringe F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Why do we need more stuff to follow?

More coming soon.

Who is this for?

More coming soon.

How could/should I use these group emails?

More coming soon.
  • Your email address may receive normal email posts (in threads) and/or daily digests.
  • You may configure your email client to filter/label WEFringe emails. (Feel free to ask for help.)
  • You may log in at [FreeLists.org] to view email group activity online and adjust your settings.
  • You may hide on these lists.
  • You may find out who is (not hidden) on these lists.

How could/should I NOT use these group emails?

More coming soon.

How may I configure my WEFringe email settings?

Please refer to the Ecartis Help File for commands to modify your interactivity. (Ecartis is the open-source modular mailing list manager used by FreeLists.org.)

You may also log in to your group email account at [FreeLists.org] to view your settings and view the backlog archive as well as recent posts.

Can anyone post to these group emails?

  • Yes. Currently.
  • The WEFringe-Announcements list is most protected to minimize unnecessary noise.
  • Individual bad actors may be found unwelcome by the group to have them removed. Administrators will not remove anyone without first having open discussions and clear resolutions. These disciplinary discussions should take place in WEFringe-Plans for openly managing, organizing, and planning our local communities.

Can anyone see all the people's email addresses?

  • You may hide on these lists.
  • You may find out who is (not hidden) on these lists.

What about confidentiality and privacy?

These first 8 lists are open for anyone to join, for better or worse. Other private lists may be started if needed.

  • You may hide on these lists.
  • You may find out who is (not hidden) on these lists.

Is there a big-text mobile version of Projex.Wiki?

More coming soon.

Pros and cons of email groups

More coming soon.
Pros and cons of email groups
# Issue Pros Cons
01 Issue (More coming soon.) Pros (More coming soon.) Cons (More coming soon.)
02 Issue (More coming soon.) Pros (More coming soon.) Cons (More coming soon.)

WEFringe and social media

WEFringe members are free to copy and paste Internet links and sourced information into WEFringe emails, or inversely, copypasta information from emails to share on social media - obviously with discretion: Do NOT share personal information nor plans outside WEFringe email groups without common sense and/or permission.

The WEFringe sub-SaidIt (SaidIt.net/s/WEFringe) was created as a redundant backup communication option unlikely to ever be utilized.

Reddit-like discussion forums are set up on independent SaidIt.net (here's an outdated InfoGalactic article on SaidIt) so folks may use a non-corporate social media platform controlled by the technocracy (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.), including...

SaidIt.net/s/StandUpWindsor (Public)
SaidIt.net/s/StandUpWindsor_Priv (Private, invite only)

In no way are any sub-SaidIts bridged or connected to auto-share data from WEFringe email groups. These are just some sub-SaidIts started by, formerly moderated, and/or recommended by Jason 'Sunshine Santa Libertas' Carswell with countless other interesting topical and community subs to discover on SaidIt.net. If curious, talk to JaySanta.

Other social media

Freedom folks in Windsor, Ontario, Canada utilize many diverse social media platforms (

Unfinished notes to refine and include

Folks won't need to search through memes and social banter to read the news.
Folks won't need to sift through noise to focus and plan action events.
Folks won't need a "leader" to gate-keep or distribute announcements.
Folks won't need to be involved in topics they're not interested in (creating original content, gardening, parents' protests, technology security, etc).

Folks might just post announcements - and that's fine.
Folks might just organize actions, group management, and create media - and that's fine.
Folks might just stick to their social media platforms - and that's fine.
Folks might not socialize or share news - and that's fine.
Folks might back up these emails easier than sites like Facebook - and that's fine.
Folks might prefer list interactions and archives on FreeLists.org - and that's fine.

See also