Windsor and Essex County little free libraries

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Little Free Library.

Windsor and Essex County little free libraries, aka front yard book exchanges, lawn libraries, or public bookcases.

Little Free Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes neighborhood book exchanges, usually in the form of a public bookcase. More than 150,000 public book exchanges are registered with the organization and branded as Little Free Libraries. Through Little Free Libraries, present in 115 countries, millions of books are exchanged each year, with the aim of increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. The Little Free Library nonprofit organization is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.
~ Wikipedia: Little Free Library

The following lawn libraries was initially compiled by Andrew 2022-07-26 (thank you), then since alphabetized with minor updates.

2397 Alexis
1365 Arthur Road.
1365 Arthur Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 3Y5, north of Seminole St (on Google Maps)
2040 Balfour
444 Belleperche
2363 Bernard
550 Brighton
1567 Bruce Avenue.
1567 Bruce Avenue, Windsor, ON N8X 1Y1, between Shepherd St E and Tecumseh Rd W (on Google Maps)
1723 Buckingham
2595 Byng
2710 Cappelletto
468 Champlain Court
8490 Clairview
1162 Devonshire Road.
1162 Devonshire Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2M5, between Richmond St and Ontario St (on Google Maps)
1222 Devonshire Road.
1222 Devonshire Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2M7, between Ontario St and Ottawa St (on Google Maps)
2823 Dominion
Ford City Community Garden, 974 Drouillard Road.
Ford City Community Garden
974 Drouillard Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2P6, a block south of Wyandotte St E (on Google Maps)
889 Esdras
1723 Ford
2210 Front Road
302 Gary
795 Giles Boulevard East (side)
1088 Giles Boulevard East.
1088 Giles Boulevard East, Windsor, ON N8Y 2M5, at Marion Ave (on Google Maps)
1462 Giles
3490 Huntington
213 Ironwood
379 Isack
920 Jarvis
4640 Jessica Way
2701 Jos St.Louis
Justin's Auto Repair, 1478 Kildare Road.
Justin's Auto Repair
1478 Kildare Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 3J3, just south of Shepherd St E (on Google Maps)
1819 Labadie
1505 Langlois
904 Lawrence
310 Lincoln Road.
310 Lincoln Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2G4, between Riverside Dr E and Wyandotte St (on Google Maps)
521 Lincoln Road.
521 Lincoln Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2G6, north of Wyandotte St E (on Google Maps)
2030 Lorraine
328 Maple
2324 Marentette
319 Martin Lane
Met Hospital
173 Mill St, Belle River, ON N0R 1A0 (on Google Maps)
855 Moy Avenue.
855 Moy Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 2N7, north of Niagara St (on Google Maps)
6425 Oakridge
283 Prado
3307 Randolph
3110 Rivard
719 River Road
Rocky Motors
4242 Roseland Drive East
1378 Shepherd Street East.
1378 Shepherd Street East, Windsor, ON N8X 2M3, at Moy Ave (on Google Maps)
St.Marks at Riverside Montessori School
12558 St.Thomas
53 Talbot Street South, Essex
2339 Tourangeau
1515 Victoria Avenue.
1515 Victoria Avenue, Windsor, ON N8X 1P4, south of Shepherd St (on Google Maps)
281 Villaire
915 Villaire
505 Wellington Avenue.
505 Wellington Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 5J3, between University Ave W and Wyandotte St W (on Google Maps)
2019 Westminster
1324 Ypres Avenue.
1324 Ypres Avenue, Windsor, ON N8W 1R6, at Hall Ave (on Google Maps)



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