Windsor and Essex County education resources

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" Our current way of schooling isn't working. Due to its history, the education system carries persistent problems to the present day. Let's look at some solutions to revolutionize our approach to education for a liberated future. "
~ YouTube: "We Need To Rethink School" (35:04) ~ Andrewism, Jul 3, 2024

Home school pods

More coming soon
  • home-schoolers
  • pods
  • teachers
  • etc.

Mama Bears Project

  • Mama Bears across Canada organize alternative home schooling and resources to help parents make informed decisions for their children. [Including vaccine skepticism.]
  • "It's okay to wait [to get your kid vaccinated]."

Open Curricula Projects

Open Curricula Projects Media
Open Curricula Projects Filmmaking
Open Curricula Projects Animation
Open Curricula Projects 2D Animation 9-Day Class
An introductory crash course on the fundamentals of animation, traditional animation on paper (cels), traditional animation on computers, design-in-motion and design-over-time, compositing, editing, etc. A particular focus will be on pragmatically preparing students for production and the job placements that may follow the 9-day class. Therefore less emphasis will be on the theory, homework, and practice exercises necessary to build stronger skills.
Open Curricula Projects Classical Animation
Open Curricula Projects Computer Animation

The Dutch School of Understanding

The Rum Runners Tour

The Rum Runners Tour
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
If you think you know the story of prohibition, think again.

Windsor Media Centre classes

More coming soon

The Windsor Media Centre hosts many different kinds of classes. Some are free for the unemployed. Some have job placements after.

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