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WE Protect Freedom! design.
(WE = Windsor & Essex County)
The ultimate truth:
All governments are inherently evil, corrupted, secretive, manipulative, divisive, exploitative, abusive, violent, and excessively murderous, with (s)elected puppet "leaders" rigging all entwined systems to serve psychotic Machiavellian elites for full spectrum dominance waged upon their own citizens with their bankster-media-military-industrial-academic-corporatocracy.
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Ray's Hierarchy Of Improvement.

Necessity is the mother of invention, poverty is the mother of necessity.

Guilt loves company more than misery.
The Evolution Of War shirt design, worn by one of the Druthers guys.
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" We're still here and not going away until things change. " ~ Sherri

WE Protect Freedom! groups openly organize our Actions group, Communications group, Resources group, and Socials group around our core functions and goals for local freedom and prepper communities' networking in Windsor and Essex County.

Visit our Welcome newcomer introduction page if you're new to any of this and would prefer a simple, clear overview.

This crowd-sourced, open-source, transparent organization may be a template for other groups or projects to emulate, modify, and utilize as they see fit.

Don't be shy. More ideas, suggestions, and input are are very welcome as they can only improve how we organize our group, actions, branding, communications, and resources. Even bad ideas lead to better ones, and there's not always a single course of action.

See also:

Restructure history

After discussing this for years, for the first time we're finally clearly rebranding, reorganizing, and redefining ourselves in the do-ocracy spirit (do-ocracy). WE Protect Freedom! may be a comprehensive way to civilly organize, clarify fundamentals, positively rebrand ourselves, engage our members, better grow our numbers, and visibly and/or financially support our freedom groups.


In short, the goal of this FOEPATCHISM framework outline is to provide the community choices that may fall on or between these extremes:

  • bottom-up decentralized self-lead community -vs- top-down centralized authority
  • altruistic concern for humanity -vs- selfish desire for control
  • cooperation and collaboration -vs- acquiescence and obedience
  • clear goals and definitions -vs- ambiguous identity and purpose
  • effective public relations -vs- remain unnoticed and impotent
  • crowd-sourced motivations -vs- executive leadership dictates
  • self-organized action -vs- passive following along
  • roadmap documentation -vs- whimsy of the moment
  • informed consent -vs- trickle down awareness
  • our community -vs- the leader's group
  • having a say -vs- going along
  • inclusivity -vs- obedience
  • voluntary -vs- no say
  • unity -vs- hierarchy
  • open -vs- private

What kind of society do you want? Why not make it happen? Do-ocracy.

No legalese

This wiki page is intended to be as clear as possible in common parlance (avoiding legalese trickery), and as short as possible while removing as much room for error or misinterpretation as possible in comprehensive detail. If any wording accidentally, incidentally, and/or unconsciously employs any legalese, loopholes, or lax room for question we should expose it and clearly resolve it as soon as possible, like any respectable open-source endeavour would.

Initial drafts

These pages are currently just an evolving initial draft ideas by Jason Carswell that will be repeatedly presented to our communities for consideration, further input, development, improvements, tweaking, and hopefully for wider acceptance and implementation. With community input, this living document may evolve and change over time, yet it includes an immutable history of revisions ("view history" at the top of every wiki page).

Naturally and always, everyone is welcome to get a Projex.Wiki account to edit and contribute to these wiki pages (we'll soon host wiki classes), or you may interact via email, phone, or in person with Jason or others who will improve these wiki pages with your contributions.

Hopefully this developmental process on these WE Protect Freedom! and WE Protect Freedom!/Branding developments wiki pages will yield a cornerstone constitution (with room for amendments), powerful branding, and our community strengthened by distributed management, open organizing, improved communications, insightful analysis, preparation for sustainable growth, and greater fortifications against tyranny.


Pending consensus validation by community folks.
more coming soon

Windsor/Essex Protect Freedom! is a proud chapter of Freedom Alliance Canada.

Windsor/Essex Protect Freedom! is happy to include members who overlap with other groups in Essex County and beyond - and online.

We hope to collaborate and align with more groups and networks.

See also

Branding developments

Pending consensus validation by community folks.

This content has been moved to a dedicated sub-page:

WE Protect Freedom!/Branding developments

Recognize it or not, strong branding is critical in our modern age - especially when attempting to counter the corporatocracy's avalanche of brainwashing, distraction, division, deception, manipulation, and propaganda.

The name or title, "WE Protect Freedom!", is not written in stone nor printed on cards, yet, so this name, title, and Branding developments may come to nothing and be abandoned - or may remain, evolve, and/or thrive. Time will tell.

Why rebrand and reorganize?
Find out why on the Branding developments page.

Also find out what the proposed Brand identity is about.

Business cards, flyers, and welcome page

Pending consensus validation by community folks.

This content is on a dedicated sub-page:

WE Protect Freedom!/Business cards, flyers, and welcome page
Welcome newcomer introduction page - a simple, clear overview.


Ecovana Sustainable Market, 1318 Wyandotte St E. Custom laser wood engravings.
Pending consensus validation by community folks.

This content is on a dedicated sub-page:

WE Protect Freedom!/Merchandise


Bus stop bench advertising, Wyandotte at Drouillard.
WOW! Your Customers With This Sign
CreativeOutdoor.com 1.800.661.6088
Pending consensus validation by community folks.
More soon.

Other ideas

Pending consensus validation by community folks.
More soon.


more coming soon

Not to be confused with the South-Western Ontario calendar and newsletter, when a WE Protect Freedom!/Calendar is developed, there may be two or three levels of access:

  1. open - public, for the world to see, and to be included in the SW Ontario calendar
  2. closed - private, for members to interact with
  3. guarded - if even necessary, a third option for organizing surprise events for some unforeseen reason(s)

In addition to and in parallel with basic calendar scheduling, information organization can build powerful resources:

  • past = archive
  • present = current events
    • overlapping actions + calendars + communications + communities + newsletters
  • future = action plans
    • task management
      • areas vs goals vs projects

Committee and meeting management

Robert's Rules of Order, manual of parliamentary procedure, first edition, 1876.

This content has been moved to a dedicated sub-page:

WE Protect Freedom!/Committee and meeting management


This video essay features constructive criticism about optimizing with a focus on productivity without the humanity.

YouTube video: Productivity Rips You Apart (11:46) ~ Horses, July 31, 2023

Meeting agendas, minutes, and updates

This content has been moved to a dedicated sub-page - an archival list of past announcements (mirrored here for now until it grow too long):

WE Protect Freedom!/Meeting agendas, minutes, and updates

Founding principles

Pending consensus validation by community folks.

Our official classification

Just because concepts are being clarified here to formalize a collective consensus and awareness about ourselves clearly here doesn't mean we're selling out, going corporate, or other nonsense. It just means we're getting organized, with bottom-up FOEPATCHISM and decentralizing leadership for longer-term stability, fairness, and community-inclusive participation in the directions we're going.

The official status of our group is that we will never register with the government in any capacity because we believe mafia-government overreach, regulations, surveillance, and taxation are among the greatest problems facing humanity. Why volunteer your address to be targeted by the enemy?

We have yet to solidly verify (via reliable legal council) that an "open society" or "private society" is safe classification terminology for our group in Common Law and is not bound by government standards, legal restrains, or defining criteria, as are typically necessary for other group titles such as a charity, church, cooperative (coop), limited liability corporations (LLC), non-governmental organizations (NGO), etc.

It may be worth discussing creating other parallel registered group(s) to reap whatever benefits that classification status may facilitate, including community and grant funding, access to public resources, discounts, tax benefits, etc. This concept has been discussed and is commonly utilized by community centers, charities, and media production. Whether it's worth it to dance with the devil is a whole other discussion

See also

Core functions and goals

Section mirrored on WE Protect Freedom!/Branding developments

For maximum efficacy this WE Protect Freedom! defining and branding process requires revisiting and reconsidering our freedom groups' core functions and goals, including:

  1. organize, engage, and network our members, groups, actions, events, and resources
  2. clearly communicate and openly share our fundamental values, concerns, information, and ambitions
  3. expand growth of members, alliances, public awareness/visibility, community abilities, and community resources

Understanding and organization of these core functions can be shared clearly outlining our mission, among members as well as the public, be printed in materials, documented online, referenced in press releases, and apply to fundraising merchandise to greater or lesser extents.

What we're about

Below lists have been started to help clearly define what we're about.


  • balance, peace, and voluntary interactions
  • FOEPATCH inclusive social management
    FOEPATCHISM = Fair, Open, Ethical, Peaceful, Accountable, Transparent, Consistent, Honest, Inclusive Social Management - for collaborators, communities, families, governments, groups, homes, organizations, social media, societies, teams, workplaces, etc. "Foe" = enemy; "patch" = correction.
  • freedoms (assembly, autonomy, choice, communications, DIY, economic, expression, independence, mobility, satire, self-reliance, sharing, skepticism, etc.)
  • human rights (employment, food, housing, security, etc. See also: Maslow's hierarchy of needs)
  • Natural Law (do not deceive/lie, harm, murder, steal, transgress, trespass against others)
  • communications and promotion of alternatives, corruption exposure, counter-propaganda, freedoms (above), free-thinking & truth-seeking, and solutions
  • sustainability (community, cultural, economic, energy, environmental, family, food, pan-generation stability, etc.)


  • agendas that sound good but are Trojan horses of evil driven by fear mongering hysteria (Agenda 21 now the Sustainable Development Goals (aka Agenda 2030), censorship, climate scams, depopulation agendas, divisive agendas, equity agendas, ESG (environment, social, governance) agenda for globalists' corporations, Trans agendas, UBI (universal basic income) traps, Woke agenda, Victimhood supremacy, Zionism, etc)
  • child harm and sexualization
  • corruption
  • corporatocratic greed at the expense of humanity
  • crimes against humanity
  • evil acts (coercion, corruption, deception, manipulation, theft, exploitation, violent harm, extermination)
  • injustice
  • kakistocracy
  • mafia governments that abuse their monopoly on violence
  • medical tyranny
  • open borders (at least until the deep state and military industrial complex stop mass murder, exploitation, supporting tyranny, and meddling in foreign affairs)
  • totalitarianism (authoritarianism, capitalist-extremism, communism, extremism, fascism, socialist-extremism)
  • toxic pollutants (environmental, food, products, radiation, etc.)
  • unbridled consumer culture (artificially manufactured and manipulated from the top down, yet blaming the individual)
  • war


Free-thinking individuals of our community may be unclear, may disagree, may not even debate, or may have diverse ideas on these issues:

  • abortion
  • aid
  • anti-gun vs pro-gun
  • authority, community management, and top-down governance
  • avarice, greed, selfishness
  • body, drugs, fitness, food, health, medicine, and wellness
  • capitalism, socialism, and many more -isms
  • education
  • employment
  • environment stewardship
  • faiths (and/or atheism)
  • finance
  • political party affiliations
  • taxes


  • advocate any forms of aggression and violence,
    • yet we must employ self-defense when necessary.
  • aim to take down the government.
    • This would defy the voluntaryist idea that folks may be free to choose to believe propaganda, be ignorant, and enslave themselves.
  • force people to believe or do anything.


Pending consensus validation by community folks.

Our freedom / prepper community members have different goals to accomplish, talents or resources to share, and areas of interests and projects to dive into - but few have time to "do it all". In an effort to better manage our motivation, time, energy, and resources this is a proposal to branch into subgroups to focus on specific group-based agendas that may naturally overlap. These subgroups may drill into the details of topics to present their summaries and conclusions to the larger community.

Initially it seems prudent to simply come up with three groups: Actions, Communications, Resources.

Folks may propose other, better, or preferable ways to do subgroups.

Actions group

  • Content and information management
    • search, research, and/or development of information
    • aggregation, analysis, and contextualization of information
    • education
    • sharing content and/or information
  • Fundamentals
    • community networking within and with other groups
    • community support
    • family support and resources
    • managing our groups
    • sharing resources
  • Organizing events
    • activism
    • event planning
    • local actions
    • media planning
    • protests
    • rallies
    • securing justice
    • social events
  • Presentations
    • inviting speakers, preparing lectures, sharing media, etc.

Communications group

  • Content and information management
    • search, research, and/or development of information
    • aggregation, analysis, and contextualization of information
    • education
    • sharing content and/or information
  • Original product development and management
    • conceptualization
    • creation, creative expressions, counter-propaganda, and public relations
    • editing
    • media printing, production, and publishing
      • arts, audio, books, business cards, flyers, newsletters, podcasts, press releases, print, social media, stickers, video, websites, etc.
    • distribution
    • funding
    • merchandizing
      • branding, business cards, flyers, stickers, T-shirts, etc.
  • Mediums
    • archival
      • libraries, online archives, online resources, etc.
    • arts
    • emergency communications gear
    • digital media
      • audio, e-books, e-flyers, e-newsletters, podcasts, press releases, social media, video, websites, etc.
    • platforms
    • printed media
      • books, business cards, flyers, newsletters, press releases, stickers, etc.
    • tech gear
      • research, classes, funding, etc.
  • Maintain networks
    • communications networks
      • email groups, lo-fi alternatives (walkie talkies), network protocols, online resources, secure email, etc.
    • community networking within and with other groups
      • automate, batch, script, and roadmap as necessary
      • backup and archive
      • cross mediums and bridge platforms to share information so that no one is left out, regardless how much or little technology is utilized
      • distribute and decentralize
      • grant privacy permissions
    • emergency networks
    • food networks
    • health networks
    • obtanium networks (get, give, need, want)
    • resource networks
    • social media networks
    • social networks
  • Presentations
    • inviting speakers, preparing lectures, sharing media, etc.

Resources group

  • Community networking within and with other groups
  • Content and information management
    • search, research, and/or development of information
    • aggregation, analysis, and contextualization of information
    • education
    • sharing content and/or information
  • Economics
    • currencies, employment, markets and trade, etc.
  • Energy and transportation
    • batteries, car pooling, fuel, vehicles, etc.
  • Family support and resources
  • Food security
    • distribution networks, gardening, organic farms, etc.
  • Health and wellness
    • care and nursing, emergency networks, fitness, mental health, nutrition, etc.
  • Housing and homesteading
  • Making and obtanium
    • building supplies, raw resources, repair, upcycling, etc.
  • Prepping
    • emergency networks, forecasting, storage, supply management, etc.
  • Presentations
    • inviting speakers, preparing lectures, sharing media, etc.

Socials group

more coming soon

This page is under development.
Check back soon for updates.


Windsor Premier Cruises boat.
Contact: 519.250.3999

We need to plan our next events, starting by organizing our calendar and lists, perhaps on a spreadsheet featuring event categories, guest categories, featured local folks, topical issues, needs, wants, wishes, resources, peripheral pavilions, other communities, volunteers, communications.


more coming


more coming


more coming

Fundraising ideas

more coming
See Initial brand usage ideas on Branding developments.'

See also